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    A liitle advice I'd like to pass along to you guys.

    Every piece of equipment you own that has a serial number needs to be entered in an excel spreadsheet and kept in a safe place in case anyone ever steals from you. I've been digging up serial numbers all afternoon on various handheld equipment that was stolen over the weekend. Even though I have records of all purchases it's been one heck of a task digging up these numbers out of banker's boxes to give them to the police. Save yourself some trouble and take the time to make a sheet and write down all of your SN"S and keep them together for easy access.

    The theft turned out to be an inside job with my head guy being involved. I haven't recovered any equipment and doubt I ever will, but he stole enough for someone to start up a small landscape company.

    The following items were stolen.

    2003 Isuzu NPR with 19 foot landscaper body.
    2007 Exmark Turf Tracer 52" cut
    Honda Commercial Push Mower
    3 FS100 weedeaters
    1 Stihl Straight shaft edger
    1 Stihl 81T hedge trimmer
    1 Stihl extended reach hedge trimmer
    2 Stihl Backpack sprayers
    2 Stihl BR 600 blowers
    1 Stihl MS250 Chainsaw
    Various handheld tools
    Who knows what else.....not done with the inventory.
  2. Supper Grassy

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    good idea making a spreasheet.

    you may want to post all details about the theft:
    liscence plate#
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    Did you happen to kick your head guys a$$?
  4. S man

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    Ouch that's alot of stuff.
  5. Scagguy

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    My insurance company is the first to be notified when I buy a new piece of equipment. Doesn't mater if it's a weedeater or a Z. They are called while I'm driving away from the dealer. I have a file folder with a list of my equipment that's updated when a new purchase is made. A copy of the folder is in the safety deposit box just in case. If that guy that ripped you off was working for me, you can bet the house he would have left the premises in an ambulance or worse. I have ZERO tolerances for thieves.
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    We need to use the death penalty for thieves. Saving it only for serial killers is a waste of a good deterrent
  7. jcthorne

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    I do the same with my insurance company as well, but it sure looks a lot better when you don't have to call them to give you all of the SN's and then pick what was stolen. That is the reason I'm handling it all myself before I make a claim. Hopefully it will go smoother with less investigation by doing it this way.

    Now for the rest of the story.

    It was my head guy who took all of the equipment. He called me around lunch in tears and told me he couldn't live with himself after what he had done.

    He admitted to stealing it all and even informed the police where he had taken it. He's in jail and the police have come up with nothing as of yet.

    It really hurt me after all I have done for this guy over the years and the sad truth of the matter is it will be harder to replace this guy than the 50 grand worth of equipment.

    It was literally like putting a family member in jail, but I don't tolerate thieves either.
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    regarding my first pot i missed the last part of your post

    wow, i hope that you get your atuff back. why did he take it?

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