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    At what point would you guys make a claim? My deductible is 500 bucks and I had stolen roughly 2500 dollars worth of equipment. They knocked out my glass in my passenger side door of my truck and stole my cell phone and some equipment that was in the back of my Yukon. Blower, weedeater, edger, and miscellaneous other stuff cd's, pike pass, and a bunch of business cards. Hopefully they will pass them out when they are using my cell phone and lawn equipment. I am not mad yet because the reality of this hasn't set in, and that the reality of it all with my truck setting in my driveway. They are really ballsy, or a running crack head. I would have like to caught them, but my wife says that if I would have hurt them I would have been the one to go to jail. What the hell is going on in the world today? Okay I am done venting. My question is ... when does it make sense to make a claim against your insurance company? Thanks.
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    Make a list and talk to your agent and then decide. You may be shocked at what you will get. You may be more mad at the insurence co. than the bad guys.
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    500 deductible? 2500 stolen? I'd be on the phone with my insurance agent in a NY minute.
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    You carry theft Ins. don't you? and you just had things stolen that add up way more than your deductable, so why would you not make a claim?


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