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    How many miles on the Chevy? Nice work. Do you have a preference or are you trying to push on doing more landscaping/installs ect over more general mowing and routine service work?
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    Little edging before some mulch
    Another 20 yards of mulch dropped off.
    Some yard i mowed today.
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    BUFFALO, N.Y. — The damage tells all.

    "It's a pretty dramatic looking scene," said Elena Cala, Buffalo Public Schools spokeswoman.

    Parents running to the scene, in desperate search of their children.

    "I had no idea what happened. I mean we live right around the corner and we knew the accident happened and then my mother pulls up to the house and tells me my kids were involved in an accident and the bus crashed through a house," said Pat Griesbaum, a concerned parent.

    "The kids were hysterical, of course they were," a neighbor said.

    The driver of a First Student school bus lost control, and crashed into a house on West Woodside Avenue Thursday morning. School officials said 19 students from Lorraine Elementary School were on board. Four were taken by ambulance to Women and Children's hospital.

    "It looks to be bumps and bruises, the one was taken on a stretcher. But again, it's all precautionary," said Cala.

    Neighbors said the crash was so loud, it sounded like a bomb went off. It was a true effort to help, as neighbors said they rushed to the bus to try and get the children off.

    "A real loud 'boom!"

    One neighbor said, "All the kids were screaming, so scared, ya know what I mean?"

    School officials said the driver was driving into the sun, and didn't see a pile of stone, taking up almost half of the road.

    City Schools Transportation Director, Al Diamico said, "The sun was at an angle and the driver couldn't see that stone pile that's over there and avoided it by doing a manuever. And couldn't regain control and hit the structure."

    Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak said the pile was dumped earlier Thursday, and being used for city sidewalk construction. The contractor for that project is Masters Edge Contractor but Stepniak said the city does not permit dumping of materials in streets.

    "They would have to have permission from the engineer to do that, and you're right, in the contract. It states specifically that we don't want the material in the street," Stepniak said.

    City leaders said they are taking the investigation very seriously. School officials said a camera inside the bus will reveal more on what exactly happened.

    "I was happy to hear and see that all the children are doing as well as they are. It looks rather bad," Cala said.

    The damage to the house is being assessed and police say two people inside the building were not injured.

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    I was waiting for Grandview to piss in gold pros cornflakes today lmfao
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    I was actually laughing about it today, About someone flying down the street in a Camaro and hitting the pile and doing a barrel roll.
  7. grandview (2006)

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    So the sun was at such a low angle that she couldn't see the road? Then she shouldn't have been driving that fast, could have hit another car or kid.

    I'm not buying it.
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    If you get tired of wheel barrowing give us a call. We do a lot of mulch blowing work for other landscapers in CT.
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    Get your Plows ready Ben :laugh: This weather is crazy

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