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  1. causalitist

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    well, i always read about it here, and today my echo pb 420 was stolen.

    walk up to the truck to get the blower, a second of being confused and then i realized it was stolen. some nice guy walking his dog pulled a red case out of the weeds and asked if it was mine, sure enough it was my milwuakee 270 ft/lb impact wrench. didnt even know it was missing.

    today, i worked for free

    went and got another 10 minutes later, dont even know what model echo, i just grabbed one and said sell me this.

    i know things like this are part of the business, not this specifically, but stuff like this .. thing i hate the most though is the feeling like im treading water on days like today.

    anyway, went and bought 20' of 1/4" cable, had loops put in the ends, got a padlock. im going to loop it through everything and through the cab.

    your welcome crackheads (not u guys lol)
  2. Mr Priceless

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    thank you very much:waving: lol j/k..

    sorry to heat about the loss tho...just keep in mind it's a lesson learned... maybe not cheap, but it coulda been worse:cry:
  3. swingset

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    Sorry to hear it...that does suck, and thieves are the worst.

    I haven't been nailed yet on the job, but I guess if you do it long enough it's bound to happen.

    On the good side, I just picked up a slightly used pb 420 off of ebay, really cheap. ;)
  4. mkroher

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    check the local pawn shops for your backpack.
  5. cgaengineer

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    Thieves make my blood boil...I have had a ton of stuff stolen from me.

    The thing that pisses me off the most about a thief is that when your harware ends up at pawn shop it sells for alot less than what you would have to pay to replace it. Most of the time claiming on insurance is not even woth it either.
  6. ACA L&L

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    what do u do when iu find your equip for sale at a pawn shop???????? othere than go nuts
  7. cgaengineer

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    Well a pawn shop is supposed to log everything that comes into their possession...if not they are in possession of stolen goods. They are also supposed to keep track of the person who pawned the item...I am doubtful either thing happens when it should. If this is done and you see equipment, its best to notify the police and they will handle it.
  8. Eakern & Dog

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    I'm sorry it happened to you. It happened to me at my own home and my stiff was locked up.I live in a good neighborhood also. I got nailed for a weed eater, blower, chainsaw and a stick edger. I know it stinks that in addition to getting your work done that now you have to worry about folks stealing your stuff a long the way. The bright side is that is was only one piece of equipment and not everything. It is will get better. Sorry again !
  9. DoetschOutdoor

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    I was gonna ask the same thing about what you do when you know your $500 backpack is sitting right there in front of you in a pawnshop...I would probably have to try it on and then run out the door.
  10. Supper Grassy

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    So u get arrested for stealing???????

    What Happened to Vigilantes?

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