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Theme song for younger lawnsite members?

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My theme song is "Cowboy" by Kid Rock. Only me and my gungadin have modified it to "Lawnboy". Well I'm packin up my trailer and I'm gonna head out west. I can spray a weed from a mile away.


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Flint, Michigan
How about this one? Sung to the tune "Four Leaf Clover". I goes like this. "I'm looking over my dead dog Rover who I hit with the power mower- One leg is missing, the other is gone- The third leg is spread out all over the lawn. No need explaining the one leg remaining that's spinning on the carport floor! I'm looking over my dead dog Rover- who I overlooked before!" How's THAT for a theme song?

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the landscapers theme song...The counrty song "She thinks my tractors Sexy"....Except changed to "She thinks my Lawn Mowers Sexy"


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Good Steppenwolf tune Eric.
BTW, I was landscaping in a ritzy neighborhood today & you'll NEVER guess what the neighbor had on his Cadillac Eldorado plates- ELM 1 !
I'll have to get a pic of it to send to you.
Here's a song-
"I'm, too sexy for my mower, too sexy for my blower, too sexy for my weedwack'r, too sexy....
I'm too sexy for my customers, whatcha think about that, ohh baby........... :)


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Why did my theme song disappear from the thread?
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