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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Lawn-N-Garden Guy, Mar 25, 2003.

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    I started out 5 yrs ago ,When a lady up the street wanted to know if I knew anyone that could mow her 3/4 acre lot and I said I would do it for her for 20 bucks using my 21" Toro self propelled 5 hp bagger,I would bag the whole thing and haul it away,I got a gift certificate for sears that following x-mas and bought my 1st hand held blower (tired of using a broom),I did have a stihl trimmer that I picked up at my current dealer for 60.00 bucks and that was the best buy I ever got,cause it still runs after all the abuse I gave it but now retired to the garage wall as memorabillia.Three yrs ago I bought my 1st commercal 44"Toro w/sulkie,(Used ofcourse) still works like a new one,Then as my business grew I started leaf clean up so I bought a Stihl 420 BP and a 8hp Little wonder push blower,Closed in my Landscape trailer,Boy did I get an awakening on leaf clean up,So I found some help for Fall clean up,Then went out and bought a 10hp Toro Powershift snow blower and started doing walks and drives,Last spring I took the big step and bought a Exmark ztr since my business was still growing,This was the best thing since sliced bread,This past fall I purchased a Ultra Vac for leaf clean up and I am using it now for spring clean up,So in the past 5 yrs I have went from mowing a 3/4 acre lot for a neighbor lady to today I'm cutting more than 20 customers and still counting.People ask me howz business and I reply just like the grass (Still growing) and for Spring and fall business is like the leaves (Picking up).Keep in mind I still have a full time job because of health care,Till I can get my kids grown up a little and get the wife back to work for the heathcare then look out I'll be on the loose.So I feel pretty proud of what I got and it was all paid for in Blood, sweat and tears and alot of arguments with my wife when buying equip. I'm sure some of you heard (You Don't Need That! and How are we going to pay for that!) and I always reply (It will come HONEY).
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    Started five years ago, while still working full time at a restaurant equipment division. After 2 1/2 months, got an offer to buy out my mentor, then 3 weeks later put my 2 week notice in. They let me stay around for 3 more months at 2 days a week, which saved me. Had one little ranger truck and trailer, each year got a little bigger and better. Last two years, have been able to run two crews but am cutting back to one this year. Having trouble with some bigger properties going for lowest bidder. Am going to try and get more into landscaping, sod, ponds while still maintaining some lawns. As hard as it can be some times, I just look back at where I was and where I am now and where I hope to be. I have been truly blessed and am thankful everyday.

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