There should be a how-to section on equipment maintenance.

There actually is a yellow tab above that says "Videos" and I wish that people would either use it or upload some videos to Youtube in which they demonstrate the proper maintenance of their equipment. This could range from changing the fluid in the hydraulic system of your commercial equipment or changing spindle bearings or adjusting the valves on some of these 4 stroke trimmers. These sort of instructional videos would be a great asset to Lawnsite and very helpful to those with lesser mechanical experience.

I do most of my own maintenance but, one thing that I do wish I knew more about is changing the spindle bearings on my Bob-Cat and I believe that Toro and some of the other brands use the same spindle assembly in their decks. The dealer has changed all of my spindle bearings at least once while my mower has been under warranty and I wish that someone would do an instructional video on how to correctly replace those bearings.


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i agree! I'm not mechanical but if there was some videos or info on how to do some of the maintenance it would be very help full also would save a ton of money.