There's a Freekin BUG IN MY EAR!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Doster's L & L, May 11, 2004.

  1. Doster's L & L

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    This is my day to do billing so i get to tell all you people the story now instead of later.
    This is LONG, but if you need a good laugh, it's worth it!

    This morning i went out to sharpen the blades and got them ready for the team leader to sharpen them as i got the water jug filled up and leave. I looked out the window and saw him yanking on his ear. It wasnt a second later, he was busting the door down to get in the house. "AHHH!! There's a bug in my ear!!!" ME: "We'll get it out!" HIM: "It ain't coming out!" ME: "Turn your head sideways and shake it till it falls out." So he tries that. ME: "Now jump up and down to try and jar it out." He tried that and it didn't work.

    At this point, the bug is getting pizzed off and starts fluttering it's wings and crawling around inside his ear canal. Not only is that an eery feeling, but it's really loud in his ear. He starts yelling and loosing his religion, cussing like a sailor. HIM: "Get out you @#$ $%$#% T%$^%$ %@$#^!(%^ ^%$^ bug, NOW!!!!!!" I'm right beside him laughing my arse off!! "It aint funny!!", he says. "Call a doctor. I need to get the #@$$#$#@#$%$@#$%$$#^%^%bug out of my ear!" So i hurredly look in the yellow pages to find the clinic. So i call the first one i see. I tell the receptionist that there is a bug in my friends ear. There's a long pause................. Then i hear her start laughing. :laugh: HER: "Is this a prank call? I know this is a prank call." ME: "No ma'am. This is really happening as we speak!" So I insisted that i need some help. HER: "I don't htink that i'm qualified to give advice on that kind of situation." She's still laughing, but she still called in the PhD to get some advice on what to do.

    My phone company guy comes in to fix my lines and he's been informed that a bug is in Derek's ear. He kinda gets some amusement out of it and goes about his business. We get a call back from the receptionist and tells us to use a syringe with warm water to flush it out. She STILL thinks this is a joke! So i say that its really happening and it's not a joke. Then Derek insisted that he talk to her himself. HIM: "I really need some advice to get this bug out of my ear. It's crawlilng around and.....AHHHHH!!! I can't get it out. It's in my head and i don't even like bugs!!" She then tells him to take her advice, but she's only a CHIROPORACTIC receptionist. Much to Derek's dismay, he wasn't talking to a health doctors receptionist. So over the phone he says, "WHAT??? I thought you were at a real clinic. I didn't know you were a CHIROPRACTIC receptionist." The phone man nearly BUST A GUT laughing. He laughed HARD!!!! I hear him under his breath say, "Man, i gotta tell the guys about this!" So he's still laughing about it. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh::laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    Derek, at this point, is mad at me for calling a chriopractor to deal with a situation. I, of course, am defending myself on why i called the chiropractor instead of a doctor. He told me that he could hear everyone at the chiropractors office laughing in the background. That was mainly his fuel for why he was mad.

    He went to the doctor to have him take it out and it was a success. There is no bug in his ear now and he is happy again. Everyone at the doctors office was laughing at the situation too. HIM: "Has noone ever seen anybody with a bug in their ear?"

    I think he learned a lesson out of this though. When you crawl under the lawnmower to change out blades, make sure to wear some ear plugs so bugs don't fall inside your ear. :D

    I hope you guys and gals have as big a laugh as the phone man and I did!
  2. mrbenfer

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    haha.... That would suck
  3. greenback

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    that sh!t aint funny cause two years ago i had that haapen to me. i was outside in the backyard with a bunch of people hanging out by my pool. it was night time and the moths were out. they were flying around the outside light and we insisted on smacking them around. so one of them flys in my ear and would not come out. i heard it flapping around and it would not come out. i ran over to the pool and dunked my head in it a few times, everyone was just starring at me because i did not say anything i just ran to the pool. the remains were removed by my friend(works at a hospital) with tweezers, wing remnants. now everytime moths are around i am bobbin and weavin.
  4. Doster's L & L

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    LOL....bobbin' an weavin', eh? That's funny. :D
  5. burnandreturn

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    I had a "tick" get in my ear. It was very painful and that thing digging in their was really loud. Everyone was laughing at me too.
  6. Papa Wheelie

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    I once had an ant get in my ear, and start biting around.
    Water wouldn't get rid of him but a Q-tip did. Very painful.
  7. Woody82986

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    I have had a bug get in my ear before, it wasn't as painful as the bug that curled up and went to sleep in the corner of my eye one night. That thing somehow got itself really deep into the corner of my eye, so far down I could barely see it. I didn't want to damage my sight by digging around in there to get it out or to try to blow it out witha syringe so i had the doc do it. He used a syringe and gently blew the little guy out. It was probably the most uncomfortable experience in my life so far.
  8. smlavin

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    Next time anyone gets a bug in their ear try filling your ear with Hydrogen Peroxide. Most homes have some in the medicine cabinet and it works well. Bug drowns and flushes out.
  9. EastProLawn

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    That is some funny azz stuff. LOL
  10. Envy Lawn Service

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    Nope...not funny...not funny at all. I Had a small beetle run deep in my ear.He was digging and scratching trying to get out. All the while it was killing me. That's the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. I would imagine it is equal to having a hole drilled in your head...slowly...

    I was begging my dad... "just take a knife and stab it through my skin to kill it so it won't move anymore, then just cut it on out to get the pressure off."

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