There's a MORON born every minute and....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Envy Lawn Service, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. Envy Lawn Service

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    There's a MORON born every minute and.... I'm almost convinced that those who don't grow up to be property managers end up attempting to be a landscaper at one point or another in their lives.

    If you can't tell I've had just a freakin unbelieveable day. I mean the kind of day you hate to tell 'all' about, because well, you're ashamed to say you live and work around such people. I'm sorta at a loss for words.

    Anyways, the crap gets deeper, and this part of the season gets more stressful for me with each passing year. I gotta find some way to let this all go before it gets the best of my positive attitude. Plus I gotta find some way to avoid a good deal of it in the future because it's a loose-loose situation for me. I'm even considering refusing to offer service to all but certain areas/locations, and slowly but completely withdrawing from elsewhere.

    One of my current ongoing goals is NOT to allow other people to make me miserable in my business. But all this stress is about to get the best of me. Just never ending, stupid, moronic daily situations associated with this time of year.

    Anybody have some experienced advice or encouraging words for me?
    I could use some.

  2. tiedeman

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    nope no encouraging words here...I too have thought the same things you are thinking about.

    My wife tells me that I have such a negative attitude anymore, and that I am an @sshole to people, friends, and family. She blames it on the business making me hard.

    I have too noticed that I am really short and don't take any crap anymore. I was just talking with my good friend rod the other day about maybe a new business venture for myself. Who knows what will happen
  3. dvmcmrhp52

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    You've gone on a bit but never explained the reasons for getting your shorts tied up in a knot...................

    What is it about "this part of the season" that stresses you?
  4. Lawn-Scapes

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    I read the post twice......... What happened?
  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    This time of year is what I refer to as "crunch time" for both me and the customer.

    What's getting to me is the seemingly never ending, stupid, moronic daily situations associated with this time of year. People, customers, property managers, decision makers, and of course the annual influx of new lowballers, even ones willing to drive hours to get a piece of the action against the local lowballers.

    But to be honest, more than anything it's the prospects. People, customers, property managers, decision makers and what I go through with them. Mostly I hate when they waste my friggin' time.

    I'll share a story or two sometime else. I don't want to get all wound up again before bed. I gotta get some rest so I can go cope with this again tomorrow.
  6. Envy Lawn Service

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    I think you understand to a great extent. I see myself headed that direction at times and I don't want things to escalate. I want to continue to enjoy my business.
  7. Fareway Lawncare

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    Drop Your Prices...Hire Some Cheap Labour and Lower Your Standards.

    Get out of the Business of Mowing and into the Mowing Business.
  8. Kelly's Landscaping

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    I had a clown take my quote for cuts, clean ups, and trimming the other day and give it right to his current landscaper (this guy called me not the other way around) so he calls me back today and informs me his current landscaper has now dropped his prices to beat me in every area go figure. He kept hinting he was not happy with the guy but as far as I am concerned he can go to hell. If I had some one come to me and said I requoted the job this year and you will need to come down in prices if you want to keep it I would drop my customer on the spot. Either way I don’t want em. The other thing that could have happened was he does not have a landscaper and did not turn over my quote and was just playing me to see if he could get a better price if that’s the case its even funnier as I did not even try to play ball with him and he’s now back to square one.
  9. Evergreenpros

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    I think it's self employment. The longer a person is self employed the thicker your skin grows and the shorter your fuse gets. I atttribute this to the constant stress of never really being "off" and to the fact we don't interact with peers on a daily basis. Being the boss all day long is a lonely job.

    I tell everyone who thinks of starting a business: You have to be wired for this, it's not about brains or brawn, it's about being able to cope day in and day out with the demands of having everything on your shoulders.
  10. Residential Recreation

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    move elsewhere and become a lowballer then you will have to deal with even more chit

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