There's a New LCO in our town

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jerryrwm, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. jerryrwm

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    Somebody new just got into the lawn maint. business here, and tried to put another one out of business at the same time. And if I find the SOB I'm not sure what I will do to him.

    Was out doing irrigation repairs yesterday afternoon, so was only in the truck. When I drove up to the house, I looked and wondered where the hell my trailer was!! The whole damn thing was gone!!

    The only thing left was part of the trailer hitch lock that had been cut off with a pair of bolt cutters.

    So someone has a Exmark 48" Metro, two Toro 21" mowers, a McClaine edger, 1 new Tanaka blower, a used Poulan blower, two Echo string trimmers and an Echo stick edger, and a Tanaka gas hedge trimmer, plus various hand tools and 15 gallons of gas.

    Since I am solo, and just getting rolling in the Maintenance end to go along with the irrigation repair, I didn't have a lot of back-up equipment. (One Ryobi string trimmer that I have had for my own use for several years, and an old Toro electric homeowner blower.)

    Now I can go down and fight with the insurance company for a while.

    Then figure out how I'm going to finish those yards that are on schedule.

    Just wanted to vent because some azzhole decided he needed that equipment more than I did and he didn't want to pay for them like I had too.

    Jerry R - the mowerless LCO

    RIVERRATT01 LawnSite Member
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    Jerry, sorry about your loss.On tuesday here in BATON ROUGE..a lady and her son were cutting grass in very upscale area... some low life loser stole truck,trailer and 2 exmark plus allthe other stuff, while they were in the back yard of a home.GOD has special place for a theifs like that.I hope it works out for you ,man. Maybe every one needs a heads up onthis trend of mower eqipment theif..So look out for each other!!
  3. tjgray

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    We are just in our second year and I don't know what we would do if all our equipment was stolen.

    So sorry this happened to you :(
  4. MTR

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    Sorry to hear this...but you know what it happens everywhere. Last year, there was an LCO with "enclosed trailer", I think 12ft tandem trailer something like that loaded with equipment and of course an expensive eXmark Z in it besides other hydro stuff. The guy parked his truck and trailer in the parking lot of Home Depot, when he came out the trailer was gone!
    They cut hitch lock same way they did to you and the entire enclosed trailer was gone. He must be targeted easily cause his letter advertising very clearly by side of trailer.
    I parked where I can see my trailer at all time, and try the best to use the thickest lock as possible. Trust nobody in this biz.
  5. CamLand

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    I had my equipment stolen the first month I was in business.Thank goodness It was all insured.I had all new within a couple days...
  6. Toy2

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    Jerry, where in Texas are you? I want to make sure my crap stays with me, my trailer isn't marked so I guess its a good thing, I have heard this is happening around here and don't want to be the next victim...I've got my locks in place, anyone have any ideas on how to secure your stuff, chain the trailer wheels to the truck wheels???? Glock 9mm in the aZZ!!
  7. bcg

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    If you're near Houston and need some help finishing out your scheduled work, let me know, I may be able to help you out. Just send me a PM with your number.
  8. Mo Green

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    Sorry to hear that. My wife asked me to get a storage space to store my rig. I used to keep mine parked in the driveway. Was hesitant at first because I didn't want to blow money on it. Now I'm kinda glad I did.
  9. tjgray

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    Two days is fast work for an insurance company. I do hope if we are ever in the same situation that ours works just as fast :)

    Didn't notice Jerry you were from Texas. I know this can happen anywhere but I hate to hear of it hitting so close to home :(
  10. David Grass

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    well, hope all the new stuff kinda makes up for the **** that happened. why cant we say **** of lawnsite. try it, it just comes up asteriks.

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