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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by xxl, Apr 16, 2018.

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    I never go 3 weeks unless there is a drought. Limbs would really pile up in that one yard in 3 weeks. 2 weeks is common here. They say they can' t afford it anymore. I am sure they can find someone to do what they want. So many mowing here. I will be there in 2 weeks like usual and say goodbye if they wont let me cut. Already told them it is a no go
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    Charles also you need to make your money too we all have bills to pay it's just the nature of the world I have had other customers ask me nicely to stretch to 10 days if they are nice I will more than like say yes as long as I know they don't mind I always like to have my yards look top notch that's why I usually go a on a weekly plan in the spring like I said on occasion one or two will say it was a bit lush but not to bad could you go 10 days then I usually do But don't expect me to be to kind if you come out pointing things out and getting huffy that's when you find someone else
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    Why not $33? it's still money. Maybe he didn't want to over charge with 35 but didnt want to lowball with 30.

    My apartment complex had a speed limit of 12MPH...not 10 or 15. It was just riiiight. LOL
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    stuff like that is just nuts to me. round it off. there's a campground here where the speed limit is 5 1/2 mph. i'm like wtf? it just makes no sense.

    i hate that about anything. buying gas, buying food, eating out, etc. etc.

    gas is $2.49.9 right now? why not just make it $2.50? i guess that would be too simple for people?

    everything is always 4.99 or 3.87 or 12.06 and all that crap. just make it $5, $4, and $12.

    i don't think a dollar is gonna make anyone go broke. i'd rather pay $9 than pay $8.03 and get 97 cents in change back.
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  5. oqueoque

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    $34.5/6 is my minimum. Yes maam, 34 & 5/6 of a dollar.
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    $2.49? Hell, I just filled up the truck tonight for $2.69 and filled my E-Free tanks for $3.29. Ugh!

    Just read this on the 9/10 of a cent thing on gas.

    "They (oil companies) found out that if you priced your gas 1/10 of a cent below a break point, let’s say 40 cents a gallon, '.399' just looked to the public like 39 cents…"

    You won't find tenths of a cent on your credit card bill. Or even on the pump. But if you buy 15 gallons of gas at $3.299, you’re paying 13 cents more than at just $3.29. Since Americans buy 178 million gallons of gas a day, that’s a half-billion dollars more per year.”
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    Gotta think too......if he's that big of a pain in the butt you can probably drop him and the neighbors know why. They live next to him after all.

    He's not just a PITA with lawn guys...he's a PITA to live next to as well.
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  8. weeze

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    yeah i think the prices are going up to pay for the missiles we launched or to get more money for the wall or something.
  9. weeze

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    i guess that would guarantee you a 1/6th of a dollar tip each time they paid you :confused:
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  10. wbw

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    I can't see the future but i'll wager you never get rich.

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