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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GardenofWeeden, Oct 3, 2004.

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    Has anyone used this new hydrid seed? How long until it germinated? Were the results worth the expense in seed? Please advise... We seem to be having a problem with a yard that it is not germinating.
    Thanks so much :angry:
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    I first heard of it when a customer suggested using a bag that he had....Put it down about 3 weeks ago, it has been through 2 tropical storms dropping about 15 inches of rain on it. I know I lost some due to wash out, but it seems to have come up otherwise OK. Got to admit, I know nothing else about it....
    Have you checked the dates on the bag?
    Do you have control of daily watering?
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  4. GardenofWeeden

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    I do not have control of watering, but the customer had a well system and I set up the lines to ensure the yard would be covered. It was wet here all last week in Hampton Roads, Va but since I was out of town, I wasn't sure how much water dropped on to the lawn.
    There are indications that there was some washout but areas not as much to have this much of a problem.
    I am thinking it wasn't sunny consistantly. This week it will be all sun so I am hoping things change.
    Scott's website has a forum will they will call you if there is a problem. I shall see if they will do that today.
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    Garden of Weeden, Inc

    Thanks for visiting the Scotts Proseed website. I'm sorry that you are
    horrified with the germination of Thermal Blue, and that your customer is not
    happy. First of all, Thermal Blue is a bluegrass, and bluegrasses can take
    anywhere from 10-21 days to germinate. Thermal blue does germinate faster than
    most bluegrasses, but my guess is that Southern Belle is a Tall fescue blend,
    and most tall fescues take only 5-10 days to germinate. Seeing a small amount
    of germination in 9 days is pretty common for Thermal Blue, and if they keep the
    seed/soil moist, and the temperatures remain warm, a lot more seed will be
    germinating in the next week.

    It sounds like you did everything correct in preparing the seed bed, but it is
    Bluegrass and not tall fescue. I really think your customer will like Thermal
    blue after it establishes. It uses more nitrogen than Tall Fescue, but you
    won't see Brown Patch. Please keep me posted on how the seed does over the next
    few weeks.

    Good luck,

    Wayne Horman
    The Scotts Company

    A comment was left on the Scotts Seed web site on 10/02/2004 at 05:23 AM

    We used Thermal Blue on a yard of 3500 sq. feet. Did all the same prep for the
    seed bed as we have with Southern Belle Seed. After a week, the Thermal Blue
    has not germinated. After 9 days, a very small portion has germinated.
    Typically, our Southern Belle germinates in 5 days. The customer is not happy
    and we are committed to her and will stand behind your product.
    We used gypsum, 25-14-10 start-up fertilizer, lime pellets (slow release) and
    your seed. We checked on the grass yesterday...I was horrified there was not
    more showing. Any suggestions?

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