They almost got away with my rig

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by jlbf0786, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. rippinryno

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    I don't want to jinx myself, but golly I just don't think I have to worry about that stuff in my neck of the woods. I have a couple accounts in the hood, but most of them are in good areas. I don't leave my keys in the truck ever, and if I'm going to be in a yard where I cannot see my rig, I make sure to shut the trailer and lock it. ENclosed trailers are worth their weight in gold.
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  2. Charles

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    Ya until you get your stuff stolen. Then you will be crying on here
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  3. zlandman

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    I always lock and take keys with me, stinks the keyless entry quit working and cant be fixed per chevy dealer.
    I use an enclosed trailer and a few stops I close the gate but never lock it - out if site out of mind? I recall years ago my insurance policy requires use of an enclosed trailer!
  4. rclawn

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    The other year a similar thing happened to a local LCO. However, one of the jack wagons was in his enclosed trailer. They were able to get it shut in time and lock him in there. Unfortunately, since he drove the trailer to the police station (instead of waiting for police to arrive) they didn’t prosecute the guy... He did say he took a gravel road and hit a few curbs to shake up the guy stuck in trailer though.
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  5. sjessen

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    My solution is to drive a wretched and old truck, one that no one wants to steal. Now, even the hispanic crews have nicer tow vehicles.
  6. Mark Oomkes

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    So a woman dressed provocatively is begging to be raped?

    Come on, you know better than that.

    Lots of us don't live in crime ridden areas where everything needs to be secured all the time. I don't even lock the doors in my house. However, if you can outrun 900 FPS (my slowest round) go for it. I also have buckshot at a higher velocity as well as an AR ready. So I'm ready for close in, medium and fairly long range. I suppose if someone was really fast I could grab my .22-250, that's around 4,000 FPS and good to at least 500-600 yards.
  7. Dawson

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    Crime is about average in my work area and I carry as well but if taking 3 seconds to lock my truck (much less leaving the keys in the ignition) when I walk away from it reduces the likelihood I'll be put in a situation where I might have to shoot someone, I'm going to lock my truck.
    Putting a woman dressing provocatively and leaving your truck unlocked and keys in the ignition in the same category is a bit of a stretch.
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  8. BigJlittleC

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    So you will shoot and possibly kill someone over some material possessions? Not sure about your beliefs but I'm sure murder is against them just like stealing is correct. Will your god give you a pass for breaking the do not kill rule? Or because the guy was breaking a different rule it's cool two wrongs make a right.

    Don't get me wrong I am not pro thief. But I'm also not pro murder. I'm sure there is other ways to remove a thief without shooting them. Hopefully you'll never have to find out.

    Enjoy your guns and don't keepkeep on your boat again. Don't want them sinking!
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  9. Mark Oomkes

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    Both felonies.
  10. Mark Oomkes

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    Depends...are they a threat to me or my family?

    Murder is defined as the unlawful killing of another human.

    So you can't say for sure whether it would be murder.

    But yes, murder is against one of the 10 commandments as is stealing.

    Yes, if it is justifiable. Then again, that isn't murder. My God allows capital punishment as well as self defense. Or killing during war.

    If I feel that I or my family is in danger, it is not wrong. It is self defense.

    I am as far from pro murder as well. But I am also big on love your neighbors. And self defense.

    Yup, when seconds count, the cops are minutes away.

    I hope as well I never have to find out. A few years back my son had to scare away a potential thief with a firearm, just getting it out of the cabinet was enough at that time.
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