They don't follow directions!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PaulMoody, Mar 4, 2003.

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    In the past when I have run ads in the local Sunday paper for lawn help I found that half of those who responded seemed to be dead beats who only crawled out of bed to make the call. It became a waste of time trying to sort through them all to find the few worth my time to interview. So this year I decided to leave specific instructions in my employment ad. I said to request an application for employment you must leave your name, number and address and we will send one. Out of 30 calls in 2 days, only 8 left their address. Ether the others are living in their cars somewhere or they can't follow simple directions. I won't even contact those who can't follow simple instructions when they are printed in front of them. These type of people I don't want. It helps weed through some of the careless ones.
    What do some of you do to eliminate some of the worthless ones right off the top?
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    Maybe they don't want to leave their address. Just reading this, I thought it is kinda weird and un heard of to leave your address on an answering machine.
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    Just to reenforce what your saying when the railroad hires in my area they often leave specific instructions in thier ads when they have hiring days. The instructions often include things like bring 3 sheets of white paper and 2 blue pens with you. They are looking for people that can follow specific instructions. If you bring black pens you don't get to fill out an aplication.

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