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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by sulcl, Dec 27, 2009.

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    If they'll tear a door off of an enclosed trailer, they'll tear a door off a building. ( may be cheaper to fix the door on a building.)
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    HAHA yea thats true and the door on the building is much cheaper and it has a camera and alarm on it, anything you do can be broken into but I feal the safest with the equipment in the shop.
  3. DuallyVette

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    I hate the time I use up everyday...because of thieves. If I have a wheelbarrow in my pick-up, I can't stop at Home Depot, or the grocery store on my way back to the shop. If they start allowing us to shoot thieves, I'll feel like I live in a free er country.
  4. scagrider22

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    You can shoot them in Ohio if there on your property, even if they are breaking into your car in public its considered private propety, I always carry a gun and I have a 250lb American Mastif that lives in the shop along with the security system so I feel my stuff is pretty safe. The picture is very discieving but he is about 7 feet tall standing up and weights over 250lbs

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    Nice looking horse...ummm I mean dog.

    I commend you on keeping your dog fit and healthy. A lot of people over feed their dogs and slowly kill them. Sorry for the mini rant.

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    Snow can be a good diet - dehydrates them to drink more water!

    I store all my equipment in a locked shed in the backyard. They have to get through a 3' wide locked gate first which I will hear as it creaks and moans like a bad wheel bearing PLUS another 50K on it. I won't fix it.
  7. topsites

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    I know it, matter of fact you beat me to saying it, on the other hand...

    I can kind of see why some might think or say that.

    Unfortunately it's not, at least I never got any more respect because of it, but years ago the fact
    that someone stole MY stuff just because I had never had it happen did cross my mind.

    Looking back thou, even if that was the reason it was more than likely out of the thief thinking that since
    it had never happened to me then that means I could afford it the most, or some such sick load of justification.

    Very true, but having one's stuff stolen could add a ton of "unproductive" time to the daily routine, too.
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  8. THC

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    Has anyone ever figured out who is doing most of this thieving?

    Is it lowball/fishy competitors or drug addicts or a certain ethnic group?
  9. ken gustafson

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    My 10 year search..who is doing most of the theft and what types of trailers are stolen. I sell and design and Patent trailer locks...I really want to know. Who and what and why and where..and especially how. FBI statistic 2006... 40 billion dollars worth of trailers stolen. No additional information but probably could be broken down by states...if you smooch someones behind. That really big number covers all trailers..everything from Yellow Freight 40 footers right down to lawn trailers....boat... car ...log splitters ....BBQ...generators... name it. All trailers thrown into a big number but no one breaks it down so you know that you know...what is being stolen and better yet where. The part that is probably really surprising one knows how many get found or who gets caught...yes they probably mention some statistics by state based on what they know...which is ...NOT MUCH. I had my trailer stolen...police took the report..I asked what do you think about finding it. He said " we have more important crimes to deal with ". Then he said I have to go right now a deal with a domestic dispute. So robberies burglaries murders car theft "domestic disputes" and maybe a few other crimes have higher priority...than a lowly trailer theft. Then there are many other issues. Take Yellow Freight...if they have a trailer stolen BUT the contents are less than $100,000...NO report is taken or given. Not all trailer theft is reported...go figure. I had a customer in Oklahoma that had his horse trailer bothered him but it was an old trailer so he let it go...bought another trailer a 2 months later it was he is way overboard. He wants to lock up his trailer and he buys the $39.95 special of the week and wham ...that trailer is gone also. Do not know if he filed a report but I know he bought another trailer..bought a DaBull trailer lock from me and then I suggested he use a logging cable in addition to the trailer lock.
    Trailer theft in 1999 was a 5 Billion dollar problem. In 2006 it was now 40 BILLION dollar problem.....I do not believe it has gone down... especially with this economy. I know that they know the really big numbers....but what and where and who and how that kind of stuff....I could really sound off.
    When I talk to insurance companies about trailer is just an expense. Raise the rates...standard answer...raise the rates. If you have a trailer stolen...maybe cover the contents..maybe not..depends on the wording of contract...if a problem you did not take proper measures. We cancel your policy. Trailer theft is no problem until it is your trailer and it is gone but anyone doing anything before it is stolen.....not many deal with it. The horse people...they have money to burn.........Ken
  10. ken gustafson

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    I acknowledge that I do not know much about many things........
    So if you will read my above post...and....can shed any light on any comment I posted...PLEASE do....PLEASE.
    45,000 million dollars worth of trailers are stolen each year AND that figure is at least 3 years old...
    So no one pays attention until it is time to pay for new trailers and new equipment...
    Is anyone aware of law enforcement...when notified of trailer theft...actually hot on doing the search for the missing trailer or tools?

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