They got me today!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by southtx, Dec 12, 2006.

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    We also use the Trimax toungue locks and if someone wanted to get it off without a key, they'd probably need a cutting torch. I imagine a hack saw would take days. These are solid locks.

    Also, we store in a self storage unit. It is fenced in, the managers live on sight and best of all, they have digital cameras all over the place. One is mounted by the entrances and exits and it gets a good shot of the driver's face. The storage facility records everything onto a digital hard drive.

    I pay through the nose for parking and storage but I sleep well at night. Last year, I had to let a driver go and it was a little scary thinking this guy may try to seek retribution via theft or vandalism. The security cams are nice. They also have a pin number to get in and out, though it would be easy to follow someone in. The problem for a thief is, what if there is no one there to follow out when you are driving a stolen truck and trailer???? I can see it now, some guy, sweating bullets, driving a stolen truck and trailer waiting 40 minutes for someone to exit the faclity so he can follow them out. I sure wouldn't want to be in that situation.

    DFW Area Landscaper
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    Wheel boots and locking the tounge down seems to help some. SEcured storage is always the best. Chaining it to a basket ball pole is pretty flimsy. Most thieves carry a good set of bolt cutters but few will spend the time to mess with a wheel boot. The good kind that hides the lug nuts and all. Dont get cheap on security items. Them cheapy security cameras are kinda blurry and hard to ID someone but if you can face it and zoom it in good enough so you can catch someones plate when they back up to your trailer it would help. I been they were in and out in 30 seconds with your trailer.
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    You could also tell all your neighbors or write them a letter explaining that if your equipment gets stolen and they see it and help the crooks be caught they would get a $250.00 dollar reward or something. I know if they saw it wouldn't they just tell you or the police that they saw it. In a perfect world maybe,but this is far from a perfect world. If it was you would still have your trailer plus you would also have the money and the space to put a storage facility on your property. There is a good chance someone saw soomething and just don't won't to get involved.Try it out see what happens. Just when you write the letter to them don't write it specifically to them write it out to look like a flyer that you are just going to hand out even if you aren't going to. That is how we write letters to customers that we want to raise the price on just write it general enough so it looks like everyone is going up and they never know. Hope this helps.
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    Sorry to hear about what happened, I do everything I can to protect all my stuff and have an awesome camera set up w/ sound. Home Depot has almost the same set up as I do and think the camera sells for about $40.00
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    Sorry there bud. I've lived that nightmare. Look into one of those you-store-it places. I've worked out of one for years when I first started my business. The $ per sqft was very reasonable and I could expand my storage space as quickly as my business expanded. You won't believe how many "Joes" work out of those places. Two thumbs up.
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    one word. surveillance cameras. no, wait. that's 2 words. oh well. surveillance cameras. there's no way to stop a thief if they really want your stuff. at least you can get a clip of them doing you. makes it easier for the cops.
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    annnnnnnd you may get a credit with your ins.
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    Camera's probably won't work. Unless you happen to recognize the folks. The camera will have to be zoomed in on their tag number. Chances of that happening are pretty slim. I had some equipment stolen and the whole thing was caught on security camera's but all you could see is three guys parking next to my truck and then get out and start stealing stuff. We couldn't make out a tag number or a picture of their faces.

    All you can really do is try to keep things locked up. If someone really wants your stuff they will find a way.

    Good Luck
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    That suck man. If I were to steel something like that I really don't think that locks or chains would be much of a deterent. Maby the removing a wheel idea, but I cant think of any chain, cable, hitch lock, or wheel lock that a portable cutting torch can't make very short work of. Come to think of it in my area I have never seen something like that that would take more than a minute to cut free and steel. IMHO keep it in a locked building, most people won't try to break into a building for something like that.

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