they got me too, who would have figured

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yergus, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. yergus

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    well often i see on this site where people have lost equipment to theft, and now i hate to say it, but my post is about the same.
    i lost a 2000 lesco viper, a 36 inch walk behind lesco, two string trimmers and a blower.
    now working with back up equipment until it can be recovered or until my insurance company decides the police have had enough time to recover the stuff.
    this is the worst time to lose my viper as i use it too work my pull behind aerator and leaf removal, but s**t happens.
    if any one is offered a special deal on a viper, it may have once belonged to me, so watch what you buy, the numbers is in the system.
  2. mx495

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    Was it during the day or did someone break in your shop?
  3. GarPA

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    very sorry to hear that...I'm still amazed how many open and encolsed trailers I pass every week where things are not secured and they're working out back. We can't be too careful with this valuable stuff...hope the ins co treats you properly...most likely they will if you had everything on the equip schedule

    a guy here just had his 16ft enclosed trailer stolen,,,,and he had a Gorilla tongue lock on it...he guesses they just tied chains to it and drug it off...and it was parked in a locked, barbed wire area.

    hope things work out ok for you
  4. Runner

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    I've saw pieces of equipment built for this. I know a guy that does re-po's. He has a device made from two large pieces channel that swivel, and are in a "V" shape. He can put this on a trailer, tighten it down using large threaded T clamps that are welded right to it, and hook a trailer right up to his his truck, regardless of the ball size, type of hitch, or whether it's locked or not. This thing even has it's own safety chains. This guy doesn't mess around - he can have that thing hooked up in about 2 minutes.
  5. dforbes

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    Bob, sorry to hear about your equipt. When where and how did it happen. I hope it is recovered. Talk to your dealer he may be willing to loan or rent you a piece of equiptment until you get your settlement, then take your rent payments off the cost of a new mower.
  6. Sorry to hear about that theft. I lost almost $2,000 worth of tools last month. Hope you get through this disruption smoothly, but at least you had insurance.


    Is there a place called "Wild Cliff Lake" near Boonville?
  7. chipk1

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    Got my sulky last Thursday while trimming in back yard. A__holes!
  8. dforbes

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    Bluesteel, yes it is at Blackwater about 15 miles away. It has not been open since the big flood of 93. They started building a 36 hole golf course there but put it on hold.

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