They got me.

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by newtex, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. newtex

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    Not one item stolen in four years working the DFW market after school and during the summer (I'm a teacher) until the first day of school a few weeks ago. It happened when I was in the back yard mowing. They got away with an old Dolmar backpack, a new BG85, and an FS80. Over $1000 worth of equipment vaporized. I bought a redmax 2401 and their 5001 blower. I miss my old equipment though. I ordered trimmer racks, a blower rack, and bought cables and locks. The two-cycles are riding in the cab until the racks are installed.
  2. Ooomwizard

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    Sorry to hear. Enjoy your new equipment!

    I bought a enclosed trailer just for that reason, and to keep stuff out of the weather.
    Train my guys to close-it-up... every property! Can't afford to many of those kinds of financial hits.

    Curse the thieves...
  3. No Bull

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    What I would do is chain a pit bull to the trailer at all times. Not very many theives would want to get close to anything where there is a mean dog ! :)
  4. kleankutslawn

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    do you guys have the serial numbers to all of your stuff?
  5. LawnMastersTx

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    Where in the DFW area did you have it stolen at? I was lucky a few years ago when I caught a guy stealing equipment out of my truck while doing a Discount Tire in Ft. Worth. I came up from behind and surprised the guy, he was in his 60's, i pulled my stuff out of his car before he drove off and called the cops on him (got his plates). At first I felt sorry for the old guy and then realized he is just going to do this again to someone else, now i kick myself for not keeping him there until the police showed up.
  6. pupboy10

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    ya even me two weeks ago today i was in the back yard of aguy house and came out and found that the weed eater was stolen but it was on a rack with a lock on it and he simply just cut the lock i never thought that i would have to bring my stuff in the back with me even if the stuff is locked at the truck he alomost got the blower it had a little bigger lock on it and he couldn't cut through it but he cut through 1/2 of the chain that was keeping it in the truck i can only assume he heard me comming back and halled ass out of there but even in the same naeiborhood before i strarted locking the blower or taking it the back when i had a helper and on person was in the front we just left it in the truck well my helper was in the front only about 50' from the truck trimming hedges couldnt see the truck great but in the front none the less someone came up without anyone seeing him got the blower and left he was aroung the side for about 2-3 min maybe less
  7. Woody82986

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    I lock all my crap up now. I don't even leave it unlocked if I'm in plain view of it but more than 60 feet from it. It's worth the extra time to unlock and lock everything. I don't know how I have managed to be as lucky as I have been. The only stuff I've ever had stolen were a couple of gas cans I had just filled and neglected to lock up. I have been hearing more and more about lawn equipment being stolen in the metroplex lately. It sucks.

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