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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Jun 25, 2005.

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    a funny thing happened to me the other day..........i went out to cut a few lawns myself, 4 actually, all neighbors. chico always has the lines spooled at the end of the day, for the next day. this time, he didn't. i only had one wacker with me. started it, and the last 10" of string went flying, it was empty. darn, and i could never figure out how to wind that string, so that when you tap the head, it actually feeds. so, what do i do now? i'll tell you what. screw it, i left. didn't wack, or blow. just mowed and off i went. well, we got caught up on a landscape job, and i completely forgot to go back and finish those 4 lawns. the next afternoon, i went back. one of the homeowners came out, we usually share a couple minutes of friendly chat. he says, "wow, i get to see you 2 days in a row? why?" i told him what happened. guess what???? he didn't even notice. in fact, none of them noticed. in fact, if you looked at my 4, and how nice and green they were, compared to all the neighbors, whos lawns are toast, it definitely took the focus off of the unedged, unwacked, unblown properties. they never even noticed. are you doing too much? is the day of the "immaculate" "professional" lawncut behind us?

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    u thief u just ripped off those people!
    u owe them a refund for the trimming and blow u did not complete.
    u just overcharged them for services u did not render.
    good job clown boy keep up the half a-- work.

    :waving: :waving: :waving: :waving:
  3. dishboy

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    It's really hard to differentiate between sloppy work and sloppier work.
  4. olderthandirt

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    Define immaculate ? "professional lawncut? Anyone with insurence and pays taxes is a professional lawn boy or so I've been told :rolleyes: So they can take there $100 MTD mower and do a proffesional mow and if they trim AND blow it would be immaculate!
  5. naturescaretaker

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    At least you went back and finished the job.
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    You know what, this is one time were I almost agree with BG's point. I get the feeling that sometimes we go the extra mile to trim every thing every time, blow all the nooks and cranny's, lay down a decent stripe, and I'm pretty sure most of my customers wouldn"t even know the differance. I guess it depends on the customer. Bobby, I hope this is a fabricated story to make a point, not being able to rewind your own trimmer is a little sad. Even a dim-witted ex farm boy like myself figured that out.
  7. Up North

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    Mac, as you normally hit the nail on the head. Sometimes it seems the real meaning of the word professional gets lost behind all the fancy equipment.

    Bobby, I have no doubt you do good work, but I have my doubts about you taking a couple minutes out of your day for "friendly chatter"... :D J/K Bobby.

  8. pagefault

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    I'm sitting here doing paperwork, which is by far the worst part of this business (to me). Thought I'd take a break and hit Lawnsite a little bit.

    That line was awesome. The thought of Bobby trying to figure out the trimmer really made me laugh.

    To answer your question, yes, at times I think we are doing too much. That's why I asked if your time saver involved trimming and edging every other week. When people mow their own lawns, they rarely, if ever, trim and edge. If you do it every other week, they'd probably still be thrilled with the results, because they don't have to do the work and it looks better than it would if they did it themselves. If you never do it, it will look pretty bad in a very short time, though.

    I've actually talked to my EOW customers about an off-week mow and go, to keep things from getting too tall and shaggy.
  9. Mark McC

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    Have to admit I'm not strictly of one mind on this. There are times when I believe that while customers don't notice the work I do, they would notice if I skipped trimming or something like that.

    On the other hand, I can skip edging now and then and nobody seems to notice, but I wouldn't skip edging two consecutive weeks. The easiest answer, and probably the best, is what Grassmanvt offered: it depends on the customer.

    Memo to Pagefault: I agree on the paperwork with the possible exception of equipment maintenance.
  10. Tvov

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    When the schedule is going smoothly, we trim/edge everything. That way, the next week, when everything goes to hell (equipment breaks down, rain, etc) we can skip a lot of the trimming to make up time.

    As has been said, it also depends on the customer. Some people we trim / edge every time no matter what, and others we trim maybe twice a month.

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