they play hide and seek when it is time to pay

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by befnme, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. befnme

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    i have these 5 account in 1 community that always ask me to go ahead and cut their lawn and they will pay me on their pay day.ok i say no prob.this is a good setup for the first week then after that they wanna say things like i forgot to get the money out of the bank,or my room mate is going to pay you,or whenever they see you pull up they shut the door and wont answer it.i got 1 guy that hasent paid me for 5 weeks i get a phone call today(after sever attempts to collect and a few notices on his door).he says i know i owe you but can you come and cut my like what the f***.are you insane i cant find you or dont hear from you for 5 weeks and you want what?anyway i dropped the whole neighborhood today!do yall have this problem if so how do you get your money or do you just call it a lesson learned?
  2. bobbygedd

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    must be a north carolina thing, we don't have that problem in jersey
  3. green-go

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    Must be a thing with towns named Clinton. ;)
  4. Green Quality

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    I'm sorry that happend too ya.lesson learned! Be a little bold and ask for payment before cutting ,with a new custumer,if they say I have no money,you say call me when you do!bottom line you do not work for free,like fast food you pay before you eat! right! I had this happen to me also.
  5. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I have one lady that every single time I mow her yard she jumps in the car and leaves when Im in the back yard and cant see her. Then have to chase her down and get the can you hold the check, nope, I cant. I finally started blocking her driveway when I get there to mow now.
  6. Mowingman

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    I had a lady who would do the same thing. I also parked across her drive to block her in. One day she asked me to move, so she could get out. I told her sure, as soon as you pay me for todays mowing. I just plain told her I was tired of making 3 trips to get paid every time, so the is why I blocked her in every time I mowed.. She paid, and I let her out. I fired her at the end of the season. Don't need customers like that.
  7. Pro-Scapes

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    5 weeks wow... on what sounds like to be rentals. Thats just nuts. I got one lady who is into me for a month right now but its just that she is real busy and forgot to mail the check or leave it under he mat for me. She aint going no where and always pays. If she goes into me for 3 cuts she doesnt get more til she pays. Im not to worried about her tho. I will get my money.
  8. Nosmo

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    Well for sure I would no longer be Santa Claus to those 5. I would cut them off and how would I try to get my money ?

    I worked in the Court Clerk's office here for 20 years. Here is what I would do when things slow down in the late fall. If none of them have paid up and have jobs I would file small claims on them. Next
    after they are served and we go to court I would have their checks garnished. All my costs for filing and garnishments are allowed to be
    added to the judgment amount.

    If any of them are self employed you can do an asset hearing on them and they hate this one for sure. If you can find out where his
    banking account is you can garnish it.

    Don't let those people work your buns off and get away with not paying you.

  9. befnme

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    :realmad: often times i think i wish i could just take something of value of theirs from thier property and hold it in leiu of payment but then i get theft charges!!! :realmad:
  10. Precision

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    Paid in advance for the entire month when they sign the contract.
    Paid in advance for every month prior to mowing.
    Paid at least 40% on any extra's prior to starting.
    Paid the balance at completion.
    If not paid at completion. 5% late fee. YES that means 1 day.
    If still not paid at 30 days additional 10% late fee and intent to lein letter sent.
    If not paid within 7 business days of Mailing the lein letter, lein gets levied.

    Anyone who quit owing me money was my own fault for not following my policies.

    To date I lost $130. And that lady is in the witness protection program.

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