thickest st.augustine this season

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by williams lcm, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. zturncutter

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    Just downloaded the Android version to my HTC 1, will give it a try this week.
  2. Fencek

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    Same here. Love it.
  3. Keith

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    Triple cut, baby! *trucewhiteflag*

    This is starting to suck. Oppressive humidity with absolutely no wind until the thunderstorms blow up. Then all hell breaks lose. Yards aren't even dried out from the day before when it starts again. Had to shut down at 2:45 today. We got a solid 3" after that and it's too wet to go back out. Lawns at 7 and 8 days look like 3 weeks of growth.
  4. williams lcm

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    It is getting crazy. I can't stay on top of all the fast growing shrubs. Then the heavy rain and thick st.Aug it just does not end.I bet the fert and squirt guys are really behind.I see a lot of pissed lco's driving around.we actually have to work hard for the money these months
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  5. Patriot Services

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    Its working just fine for me. The slack hacks are getting fired and or pizzed off early. Picking up plenty of new work. Some yards I was sure were going to be resods bounced back with just some extra fert. All the rain has me concerned about losing the green. My lushest lawns are getting mowed at 5" and look amazing. Really glad I used PGR more generously this year on the shrubs. Extra trimming really kills the man hour budget. Even my new house which I was sure was going need to resod is now thick and weed free. Only plugged a couple areas and ferted with spot spray for a few weeds.
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  6. Landscape Poet

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    I concur with this post. Lawns being cut at 5 inches and are deep dark green in most cases. PGR starting to wear off for me..need to hit again but timid because afternoon rains scare the crap out of me wasting product. Hopefully I can get applied soon ...trimming sucks monkey....well you know
  7. williams lcm

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    Pgr works on those little vines in shrubs also?
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  8. williams lcm

    williams lcm LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Yes I tried cutting some at 5 inches but had a few calls saying to cut it lower because it is to tall By the weekend.
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  9. No. Pgr's are for most woody ornamental need to pull those vines out that are in the hedges...
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  10. Mickhippy

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    Any of you Southern guys run the newish Super Z?

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