Thieves are getting desparate...

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by margoatl, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. margoatl

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    Our shop is in a business park located in a very nice area of town. I am at my wits end with everything we have had stolen from us! First they stole our mowers, edgers and blowers out of our trailer. So, we installed a ramp to our warehouse to put all equipment inside in the evening. Before we could get the ramp completed they stole our truck and brand new trailer with our new zero turn 52" ferris mower. We retrieved our truck, but nothing else. Next they stole the tailgate off of one of our pick ups.:confused: Last night they stole a brand new recoil assembly that was attached to our fertilization pump as well as the cap to a gas can (not the whole gas can!) and some scrap metal! The police think its an inside job, but I think it is someone that knows we are here and scouts us out every week or so for anything new. How do you tell if someone working for you is the thief. I can't imagine any of our guys doing it...but, I guess you never know..:dizzy:
  2. eatonpcat

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    Security Cameras
  3. JShe8918

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    Wow... That is crazy. I wish i could tell you what to do. I would try a new shop location to be honest with you.
  4. margoatl

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    We had some fake security cameras - they stole them off the wall outside!;)
  5. jerryrwm

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    Okay..maybe it's time for you to think about another location for you and the equipment. Maybe a storage facility with 24 hr on-site security. Or at least one that has a better security system of gates and locks and controlled access than what you have now.

    May be the price where you are was pretty cheap but it is evident that it is not when you have to factor in the replacement cost of your lost equipment and lost revenue because you were without your tools.

    It's time to move man!! Or get some big azz nasty dogs for the yard.
  6. Eyebedam

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    How about leaving it right in the open full to the max & waiting overnight hidden with a couple buddies armed to the max & catch them red handed? If you know its gonna happen man up & catch the bastards.
  7. margoatl

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    I thought about planting some mean azz dogs outside and hiding myself in the bushes - now that would be entertainment!!! I can't move the location since the owner of our Company actually co-owns the unit we are in - but after reading the threads, I believe I am going to research the cost of a close storage facility and see how much to park the trucks there! I hate to have to spend any money as things are really tight right now, but it is just getting crazy!

    SCAG POWER LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well a few years back in the orlando area there was a company call K9-Orlando. You could lease a big , and i say big nasty German shepard who was fully trained attack dog. Depending on what level you wanted. I have seen these dogs when they drop them off at sites. They do not feed the untill the am , so walks around all night with dirty scoul on his face. The handler gives a command. He tells every one out of the business. He takes the dog to back are gives another command. You are told do not come back to night the dog is trained to bite and take down any one or any thing trying to gain entryinto the business except for the handler, which will be back at what ever time you give them.Once the handler and the dog clear the buliding NO ONE GOES BACK IN. You need to see these dogs work..................

    Call ADT and get a system put in with viedo, change the protocal to send police on alarm set off no matter what. They just caught a bunch of kids in Apopka FL. breaking into business and homes because every one has changed the directive send police , do call the call list any more.

    I would lease a dog.................... o they will put up signs also................
  9. rm25x

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    wow thats crazy. Yep time for a real security system...
  10. Dakotadog

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    Keep an eye on e-bay, craigs list, ect. Most of the time if the thiefs don't need the stolen eq. they will try to sell it fast. Also if you have the serial numbers of the eq. that was stolen call the manufactures to let them know and they maybe able to flag the eq. as stolen. This way if they ever show up at repair shop the dealer may catch it and report it to the police. Any how good luck and when you find the low life's cut there hands off.

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