Things Done To Make Super Z Better

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by fastcut, May 14, 2002.

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    First have to say this is a great mower. Did alot of research on mowers and demoed a few before I picked the super Z. Best money I ever spent. A couple things I did was I put some anti-scalp rollers on the underside of deck. The deck would scalp on occasion only on very uneven ground. Now it doesn't scalp no matter how uneven the ground is. The second thing I did was that I had a buddy of mine make up deflector plate that I can raise and lower to control flow of clippings. Simular to the deflector plate that is available for the Exmark mowers. If anybody is interested in how I installed the roller set up or the deflector plate please feel free to e mail me. Thanks Cliff.
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    I just installed some lights on mine, I figure that I can cut till 9:30 every night.
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    Glad to from hear others that like making a good product better.
    We need more of us to let the manufacturers know how to improve their product. After much talking with Hustler, I've realized that engineers have more input than guy's like you and me. While that's good to a point, if you ain't mowing you just can't know what's really needed.
    In a conversation with Hustler, I asked about the common complaint about the WB, which is why is it so long?. They had mentioned that one reason was to let the operator lift the front end to go over a curb. While this was the only way to go over a curb with a belt drive, since reverse sucks on them, I mentioned that no one in my area goes over curbing frontwards, but rather backs up and pulls the machine over the curb.
    Naturally you need a hydro to do this, but the Hustler WB only comes in a hydro. Furthermore, besides being dangerous to go over frontend first, this method puts all the weight of the machine directly on the rear wheels while going over the curb edge, and can cause a pinched tire.

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