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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FrankenScagMachines, Jul 17, 2002.

  1. FrankenScagMachines

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    This is my first year mowing other peoples lawns. Things are really working out for me. In less than a month's time, I've went from a 1989 Toro rear engine rider and a homeowner Homelite string trimmer, both worn out when i got them, to a 61" Scag STHM 3 wheeler, a 32" eXmark belt drive walk behind (both used fixer uppers) and a brand new Stihl FS80 commercial trimmer. The Scag and Exmark were both unexpected and unplanned, and really cheap/free. It's amazing how things are working out for me. Next year I will have my drivers license (got my permit earlier this year) and the Scag should be done by then (needs rebuilt due to fire damage) and my Exmark won't take long to get in working order, it should be done within a month? Haven't even gotten it yet. The Scag is a wintertime project.
    Next year is looking so good, what with drivers license and two newer bigger better commercial mowers, and a new trimmer, that I feel like one of the big time guys already. I plan on expanding alot since the Scag is twice the size and alot faster than my current mower plus the Exmark is the same size but more productive. I will probably get a helper (younger brother if he will show some work ethics and desire to do good work). I will be broke before next spring but will have a way to make good money and look professional doing it! Just sharing some enthusiasm! Feeling great now!
    Life is good.............Any other newbies this year planning to be big next year?
  2. lawnkid

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    Don't get too excited and fix up these 2 mowers and be in debt. and also make sure you get the business first. Or else you're gonna be struggling. I'm sure you already know thogh. Oh well. Sounds like you're pretty happy about getting that STHM. In the other post like what Yardman said, e-mail that guy and he will e-mail you back a book called a Technical Reference Manual. It tells you everything and also shows how to assemble the complete mower. Any way good Luck with those new mowers and good luck to you in the Spring with business.
  3. SLS

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    It sounds like if mowing doesn't turn out to be you cup of tea then you could always go into lawnmower service and repair. :D
  4. GrassMaster84

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    Make sure you look into getting a trailer, and save your money as much as you can, don't spend it on anything you will not need!
  5. jaredslawncare

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    I expanded alot here in the past few months with my new exmark, trailer, new simplicity, lotta new customers, insuarance, and other odd jobs and im only 14 so next year i got three people wanting to work for me, so im gonna advertise more and next year i might hire some help and get serious with it

    Jareds Lawn Maintenance

    A little more for a lot less
  6. Evan528

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    You are not going to be attracting the right kind ofcustomers with a slogan like that!!!!! Try to focus on doing the best job in town....not being the cheapest! People will pay top dollar for a dependable service that does top notch work. With that slogan you are going to be attracting senior citizens on "fixed incomes" who want 2 hours of work done for the measly 20 dollars a cut you are charging... think about this.
  7. agrostis palustris

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    This year I am not going crazy with buying equipment. Why bother? I am doing less jobs but each is paying more. I lost a few accounts over the winter, but I picked up a few that pay good $$$ on a regular basis.
  8. little green guy

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    sounds like your doing pretty good, thats the same way i started. Just remeber to still make time to have fun and be a kid while you can. I built my buisness through high school and now i'm doing it full time and my buisness is doing awsome I have a couple trucks and where working at some big estates and for a few contractors plus alot of regular customer and i'm only 18 now. When i was in school i always keept a pretty good balance between work and fun and stuff but there where times when i would get a little bit to much into working. One thing i'll tell you is when your out of school and this is your job it's not the same as it was when your in high school. When you have guys to keep busy, payments to make paperwork, estametes, cash flow to maintain, calls to make, eqipment to fix.... . I had alot of fun when i was 13 and starting out but right now, if i don't do something soon, it won't be long before i'm totaly burt-out. Anyway the moral of this story is to keep working hard at building your biz but make sure you still have fun and be a kid, i know thats not what i wanted to hear when i was trying to start but believe me i've been in your exact same shoes. work hard, play hard. just don't focus all your time on work related stuff because thats what will bring you down. If you ever have anyquestion about stuff you can email me too.
  9. Scag48

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    Congrats. I need to get another mower next year possibly, or trade for something better. My Groundsmaster/Proline is alright but I can only use it on 2 jobs and I wish I had something to get the 1/4 acre jobs done faster. I want to get more into landscape installation and design. I'm really excited with the job that I'm working on now. I've been waiting forever to get a decent job and now I even get to rent all sorts of great toys to do the job. Business is looking good, except for the middle aged high school dropouts that worked in orchards and now the apple industry is in the crapper and they don't work in the orchards anymore so they figure that they'll pedal their business with their 21" Murrays. Other than that, I'd say that I'm in good shape! New trimmer, trailer on the way hopefully, and maybe a new mower next year, great fun! I'd have to agree with little green guy, you have to balance fun in there. Right now I'm juggling mowing two full days a week, orchard work in the morning every day, an algebra class over the internet (darn teachers suck) in the afternoon, and landscape clean-up/install in the evening, then it's back to math again at late-night. I'm getting kinda burned out. It just seems like alot for me to handle and there's alot of stress going on around town. Stupid people didn't put out a camp fire so we've got ourselves yet another forest fire. 2 days and it's at 3,000 acres and getting larger so everyone is all freaked out. Plus all the smoke is making people mad and cranky. Thankfully, I have fairly nice customers most of the time. Have fun everybody and don't get burned out!
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    did you get the exmark for free???

    now i see, i wish i had deals like you!!!

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