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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tiedeman, Jul 26, 2003.

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    I don't know whether or not you guys/girls remember that I was going to sell my business about 3 weeks ago to a local nurseyman that has been my lawn & landscape dealer for the past 4 years. I tried it out for 4 days with them and it was like total chaos. A lot of promises were made to me that were not kept and the whole situation with the lawn care department would probably take over a year to fix. Also I was afraid of losing my past customers. So I backed out of it.

    That day I talked to his wife, one of the owners of the business because I couldn't talk to him because he was out in the field working, and told her that I didn't think that the transition and buy out was going to work, so I would rather just back out. She said fine and seemed okay with everything.

    I told her that I didn't want out relationship of me coming to them to be ruined or become strange, because I still want to come there for supplies and stuff. She assured me that it wouldn't and that her husband would probably be calling me later that night to talk about things. Well, later that night has now turned into almost 2 weeks. Have not heared a word from him at all. So now, I am looking for another dealer in the area which is impossible. I don't feel like going back to him when he has treated own business relationship this way.

    What do you guys think? Should I do something or say something to him? I want to say something, but I don't feel that I should. I feel that he should have called me and talked to me about it. :confused:
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    Who realy knows what goes on in peoples minds??

    Maybe he feels that since the deal went south. Nothing to talk about.

    I doubt it means that he won't do business with you for the landscape supplies.

    It's probably just that you might feel awkward cause it was "you" that called it off.
  3. NNJLandman

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    Send some of your other guys on your crew over see what happens. Have them report back to you and then go from there.
  4. Rustic Goat

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    Well, you are the one that backed out.
    While there are probably many particulars to this whole event, for whatever reason, you felt comfortable in 'breaking' this news with his wife, don't really think that was the correct approach. Did you and she first set up this agreement?
    She may have had an 'I told you so' waiting for her husband when he got back, who knows.
    Need to just go back in and talk it over with him. His feelings/reaction could be anything, why not clear the air, you'll both know where you stand.
    Don't send your crew, that will only make it seem more like you wish to avoid the man, wouldn't it?
  5. Strawbridge Lawn

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    If your business dealings were with him than they should be with him only IMHO. Not his wife. I have made many errors in life by avoiding confrontation and taking the easy way out of a situation.
    No e-mails, letters or anything else. Just direct 1 on 1 communication.
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  7. GarPA

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    Yep I sometimes used to take the easy way out and avoid confrontation until I learned a lesson from a very good customer who basically told me NEVER talk business with any of his staff...( Iwas having a problem with late payment and dealt with the office mgr). I agree with Rustic Goat and Strawbridge that you should talk to him directly, face to email, phone call, voice mail, etc. He may not like what you have to say, but if he's a stand up kind of guy, he'll at least respect you for taking the issue to him one on one....and you'll feel better about it too
  8. geogunn

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    tiedeman--you are being tempermental. you backed out, told the wife...good enough. his wife says "he'll call you". well she isn't him. put this behind you and retain your relationship with this guy. good luck.

  9. tiedeman

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    his wife is co-owner of the company. So yeah, that was the correct approach because he wasn't there, he was out in the field. I had to make a move quick and fast in order to retain my past crew and take back over where I left off. So I talked to her about it. But what I am saying is the relationship with him. He has always been the one that I have dealt with, not her, even though she owns half of the company. And yes both of them set up the agreement with the aquisition in the first place, not just him.
  10. seascape

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    hes probally bummin cause you havent been in the buy supplies. He probally feels just as awkward about it as you now. Just go in and be straight w/ him. tell him you still need him as a vendor. tell him you feel awkward now and that you want to clear this up w/ him. try to get there early in the morning while hes not all tied up.

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