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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Husky, Aug 24, 2004.

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    I bid a property for several years now and have been awarded it...thats great! last year I bid and lost badly,,wanna know why,,cause hte guy that bid it bid it saying he would maintain the property for the season ,,,turned in a price for mowing,,way cheaper than me,,then ut the grass every 10 to 14 days..................I BID do we get around this kind of crap,,they hated them and are back to using me this year,,,,but the fact is,,,,is there a way to manipulate a proposal to look more appealing to the management upon accepting anothers bid..that just looks good on paper?

    Tired of getting pooped on here....
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    Husky, I feel the pain. We got estimates for mowing of the common property surrounding our subdivision. We summitted an estimate that was the second lowest. The lowest bid was less than 1/2 of ours. It took us a while to figure it out, but the company wasn't going to mow the whole property every week, just the irrigated portion. They would mow the whole property every other week. The estimate certainly looked like it would be mowed every week. Well, when we actually had companies submit formal bids, we placed our bid in. We were the low bid, but we didn't get the job because we didn't carry as much general liability insurance as they did. BTW, we had been mowing the property since April because our builder had promised our community monies to maintain it for one year, but the money didn't come until July. We did get paid for what we had mowed for a good rate, but the fact that we stuck our necks out for our community doesn't matter I guess.
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    I'm not an LCO, but I have 18 years of management experience accepting bids such as yours. Here's what happened:

    One, you weren't bidding by the same rules. Management CHOSE his price over yours, and probably based their decision solely on price, or else they would have asked you to re-bid. An honest organization makes sure everyone is bidding based on the exact same requirements, etc. Likely you ran into a manager who needed to come in "under budget" in order to look better.

    Two, make sure you clarify each and every point of any bid requirements. This will most likely not come across as "nit-picky" but rather as someone concerned about doing a good job.

    Three, make sure YOU educate the person requesting the RFP on your firm's stance. Tell them you do not mind getting outbid by reputable firms bidding on exactly the same required criteria, but that you would prefer to be able to re-bid if a lower bid generates ideas that change the job requirements.

    Four, you "could" tier-drop your bid. Meaning, you give one set price for X weeks of mowing, and a reduction in price for any unnecessary weeks of mowing due to inclement weather, changes in protocol, etc. Might work, you never know.

    That's all I got.
  4. dkeisala

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    Simplyhere just gave some of the best, and simple, advice I've seen here on how to effectively bid a commercial property. Nice to have someone on board that brings a new perspective, takes interest in and can help us with the actual running of a landscape maintenance business. Kudo to Simplyhere!:blob3:
  5. Husky

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    Good point,, good point,,wow a person that can shed some light on a new corner we have yet to eat up.....expect many pm's after this thread..including from me
  6. Fantasy Lawns

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    First thing I ask is if they have a "Bid Sheet" which is their outline of what they want

    Then I ask them their expectations .... i.e. do you want maintenance or enhancements

    N when I price it is "la carte"

    Basic ..... Full Service ..... Full Service Plus n finally Full Service Gold

    All Fert, Mulch, Tree Trim, Flowers n such are billed separate n paid aside from normal billing

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    Back when I worked for "The Man" I bid on a lot of commercial props, mostly HOAs. The better ones will always provide you with a list of what they want done, and the frequency (usually based on what they've had done in the past). This way they're comparing apples to apples. The low-budget props typically don't really know what they're after, other than the bottom line.

    You work mostly around Manassas? I'm in Fairfax Co.
  8. Husky

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    Yea, I do mostly manassas sarea,,,the gainesville, and up through there,,doing good this year,,just trying to get things setup the way i would like them long term...I love this job,,,,but i am still not full time...I do real good,,pleanty to get by,,but am looking to stay busy all week,,and then later not work at,,if you know what i mean id rather wach and manage to get paid,,cal me

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