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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Flipperneck, Feb 29, 2004.

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    I've been reading and I don't think I seen anything yet but it just may have slipped by. Some of the new guys haven't worked for a Professional Landscape or Maintenance co.. And there are alot of things that easy to mess up. Like this one guy last year wanted me to leave where I work now to run his crews because he was a builder and bought a bunch of accounts and wanted to make some money. I gave him a test run on a saturday. He had a couple of gringos and 3 south american guys. they were averageing 15 lawns a day(horrible). They left clumps everywhere, weedwhacked down to the dirt, left peel out marks with their ZTR, blew grass into the mulch or stone beds, one house a new Volvo was covered with wet grass, they left globs in the street, semi destroyed a gate, ran over toys and a newspaper(that was pretty like a tickertape parade). I got payed cash at the end of the day and never went back to that circus again. I think he gave up after 2 more weeks when he finish the first weeks list. I just wanted to list some of this stuff to maybe help someone out. Like not weedwhacking young trees to death, not putting a heavy mower on a soggy lawn, weedwhacking at the height of the cut so you can't tell whats whacked and whats mowed, A ZTR can be fast and easy but some lawns can't take the weight and usually the operator. I thought some stuff like that might help. Anyone else.
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    yea, it sounds like he could have used some help. he should have hired a good foreman, who could take on the responsibility of teaching the crewmembers and running a productive crew. sounds like a foreman of that caliber, taking on (you said 'crews')at least 2 crews and 5 guys would be worth 18-20$/hr. i would want to see a good track record before paying that much though.
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    This guy had 90 lawns at 37 dollars each he got ripped off, Me and 1 guy could have done these in 50 hours. He would still be losing money. One of these 37 dollar lawns was 3 acres. Now I am a good Forman and I have a great track record, but I am in this for me. I see a ship sinking I get the hell out of the way. I gave him some advice though, I told him he got ripped off and gave him some estimates on what the properties were worth. You want to do volunteer work I'll give you his phone number. I don't know where he would find a "Good" grumpy old moron to listen to though.

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