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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowerdude777, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. DitchDr

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    Ok Saturday I was clearing some marsh land and I stepped on a snake, well the snake did not like being stepped on so it bit me. Good for me it was a very very mild bite, hardly any venom at all( copper head by the way), But man did I feel bad the next day. So flash froward to today. Feeling good get to my first lawn I am running the ZTR next to a wooden fence. All of a sudden this black round soft thing lands on my leg after hitting the fence. I ran over one of the kids toy snakes, but this thing was one of them heavy real looking ones.. Scared the living crap out of me.. If you have never seen a 250 pound man leap from a ztr mower in under a second you missed a good show!
  2. Pressedun

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    Man I feel like I've hit just about everything...

    Water main cap
    Golf Balls
    A large diameter rope (not too long so it didn't take long to unwrap)
    Metal Stakes
    Roots (man those things can be not so fun to hit)
    Hit two dog stake, one in the ground which didn't really do anything but the other was just laying on the ground, shot out the side discharge and flew about 30 feet.

    Killed a bunny the size of a softball after running over the nest in the ground, I think about 5 of them ran out, one didn't make it...

    Ran over and bagged a purple thong that must have dropped from the clothes line (if I remember correctly, she was gorgeous).

    I'm sure there are tons and tons more but that's all I can think of now.
  3. RandallM

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    Tennis balls
    Newpaper (what a mess!!!)
    Various small toys
    Water Sprinkler

    and worse yet..

    Doggie Dooley Septic system. I knew it was there but I guess I was daydreaming and zoned out for a sec and then ..."WHAM!!! WTF!!???"
  4. Lawn Enforcer

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    The best hit I've had was at a cemetery. I was running the ZTR down a row when my rear wheel hit a rabbits nest and they all scrambled out of the nest right into the deck of my mower, I heard a thud, some loud squealing, and then looked to the discharge to see rabbit parts and a mist of blood spray out. I stopped, turned around, and saw 5 baby rabbits doing the "dead shock flop" all between the row of headstones. I've never seen anything so crazy....
  5. Patriot Services

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    Lately I have been doing a lot of cleanups of older props being taken off the foreclosure market. I never realized how much old school iron pipe and brass sprinkler heads are still out there. Hidden under ivy and jasmine or in old planting beds. Brush hogs are tough but still makes for a good jolt.
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  6. weeze

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    mostly rocks, trash, sticks, pine cones, sweet gum balls, roots, metal piece of wire that went into a window lol, a small ball of yarn that went everywhere (a dog toy i guess?), and i think that's about it so far.
  7. johnyredd99

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    most memorable thing that i have ever hit was a golf ball. The man above must of been mad at me that day. Golf ball hit a tree about 10 ft away, came flying back, and got me right in the forhead. leaving a huge knot
  8. cuttingedge55

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    I think i can one up everybody on the weirdest thing I've hit.... but I'm in Alabama this probably won't surprise some of y'all yankees :laugh: too bad it won't let me upload the pic but i hit a deer hip bone... And found 4 more in the yard...
  9. rootytalbot

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    When we first moved into out house I was mowing with my wifes grandmothers mower and I pushed it under some thick brush in the back of the yard - when I pulled it back out the gas line got pulled off and the top of the mower caught on fire. I was running/pushing it toward the house and yelling for my wife to get the garden hose. She started laughing and laughed so hard that she could not get the hose.
    Later she said she was laughing because it looked like I was mowing so fast that the mower caught on fire. HA HA HA! I said.

    Worst part was that our neighbor was still sizing us up and she saw the whole episode. She must have thought - oh god, there goes the neighborhood.

    If I mention that day my wife still laughs about it and that was 22 years ago.
  10. zackvbra

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    two years ago I mowed a bird. he just wouldn't move out of the way. thought he would, I didn't want to mess the stripe up. blew feathers from here to the high heavens.

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