Things we have ran over

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowerdude777, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Patriot Services

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    Gotta love the smell of rotting mammal flesh.
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  2. Greg78

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    And now you know the reason!!!
  3. rkeguy

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    I have run over the usual dog crap, tennis balls, dog toys, etc... But today I almost hit a baby snake! I was trimming around house prior to mowing and the house is out in country. Grass is very tall since it's a biweekly account and has a septic field. I was startled at first and thought I hit it but I quickly started looking around for others. I started high stepping through the high grass to truck to get camera but it was gone when I got back. I was wearing khaki cargo shorts but from now on I'm only wearing khaki cargo pants. Oh, and I believe the snake was a cooperhead.
  4. LewisL230

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    I've had two very odd ones in the last week. Monday I was doing the outside of a property and went around a blind corner and thank god I saw it out of the corner of my eye and stopped. A cat.. Not a dead one, but a napping cat. Never moved. I was on a 60" exmark 30hp blades wide open and it took the cat every bit of 10 seconds to wake up. Lol. The other one is I was pushing my 22" having a blast when a rock that was slightly larger than a golf ball flew out the back and hit me right in the center of my chest. Almost knocked the breath out of me. That one sucked. Also of course the usual dog poop, rocks, roots, dog toys, rope.
  5. jekjr

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    Earlier this year I ran over 12 ga shot gun shell and it went off. It was a very light load that someone had dropped that had been shooting skeet. Heard the noise but found no damage.
  6. Four_Seasons

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    Running over dead animals is the worst thing ever. I remember thinking I hit a stump until I smelled that God awful odor. Then moving them out of the way is even worse.
  7. Uponone605

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    I was demoing a navigator and was pushing a full size soccer ball out of the way with the deck ( somthing i do all the time with my walker). The ball took a wierd bounce and when it came down the deck instantly jumped over it and sucked it in. I immediately thought i was going to destroy the mower and the dealer would forever hate me. The mower bogged for a quick second then revved back up, bagged the ball, and continued on like nothing happened. Needless to say, i was quite impressed.
  8. DXN1EL

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    Same here, only that I was :walking: with my 21"
    the mower such the soccer ball and rapidly kick it out fast. :laugh: The mower did not bugged because it happen so fast, it only made the ball a hole about the size of mi fist:laugh:
  9. 9ball1018

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    Moving them? That job is for someone else not me. I either mow around them or mulch em.
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  10. ncnurseryman

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    Today I ran over a small snake. It didn't get chopped up somehow but it sure didn't appreciate the tire rolling over it. Also was pulling up to a soda can to pick it up and it got sucked in. It was shredded.

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