Things we have ran over

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowerdude777, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. themadcutter

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    I swear news papers actually slide themselves towards the mower. I started to think about it and I have done a nice job on three local town papers over the past 20 years. All 3 were no where near my mower and slid themselves towards me to get mulched up.

    I think they want to go back to nature.
  2. meets1

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    Not me or anything ran over but in my town there was a farmer with an s650 or so john deere combine that ran over a car on the gravel road. Went out to the field, hooked up the head until someone came to him and asked what happened. He thought he just hit a dump in the road. Kid was ok. He slowed and pulled over to the side due to meeting on a bridge, combine came across and rode both duals right over the car.
  3. Outlawn

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    I have a lawn in which the customer apparently chip shots in the back yard. There is golf balls scattered throughout the large backyard. Hit one just a little bit ago and it went flying in multiple pieces.
    I also have hit a metal dog leash, which stopped my hustler dead in its tracks, a few plastic bags, small toys, and some other odds and ends.
    Probably my scariest was a T-shaped water cut off. I didn't see it in the grass and it was rusty, so it blended in. I caught one of the handles and it broke it off and shot it out. Luckily there were no cars or people around and it was on the other side of the yard from the house. I'm lucky it didn't impale me.
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  4. Dr. Cornwallis

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    I ran over my back flow valve a couple weeks ago... that was a long day. I've also hit a larger than average pile of really fresh dog **** with my line trimmer, it literally covered me head to toe. The smell was so awful I went home and showered.
  5. sharperimagelawns

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    Just to name a few: grounding rod, live snake, live mice, a rock the size of a cantaloupe (buried in leaves), brick. Probably more but cant think of them all. Never a dull moment in the mowing business I guess.
  6. yarddawgs

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    Pile of bricks, pilings, Large toad, chain link fence and re bar that caused $800 in damages. All of these were after Katrina cleanup.
  7. Tanum

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    Rolex watch left on lawn, they were sun bathing. The tried to imply it was my fault!
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  8. JLC Lawn Care

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    Had a client back out of his drive way over my blower, which was half in the grass. He just waved and drove away.

    Last season I hit a tube full of wires leading in to a hot tub from the house. Needless to say it was ripped out and wires thrown across the yard with horrible noise. (and very expensive.)

    Hit a dog chain with a 21" and left a circle of dead grass where is caught and spun around the mower. Took me a while to shut off the blades cuz i had the handle tied down (I cant stand safteys)

    Best yet my buddy pulled the trailer forward with a trimmer sitting in the street, crushing the shaft. To fix it he used a burnz o matic torch and a hammer.... its somehow still works...
  9. JLC Lawn Care

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    Oh and my brother drove a Deere WB up the trailer gate with the blades on...
  10. birddseedd

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    i did that with my zero. hadn particle board down, ripped it to shreads

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