Things we have ran over

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowerdude777, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. aka lawn

    aka lawn LawnSite Member
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    Hit a sewer clean out that was an old water meter cover. First time mulching leaves with my new gator blades. Took about a fourth of the lid off and wedged in the blades. The mower and blades was so so. I am leaking oil now been to busy to take to shop yet still under warranty.
  2. Stuttering Stan

    Stuttering Stan LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Unexploded fireworks just days after July 4th. I'm talking about the real big, professional jobs. It exploded as I ran over it and lifted up one side of the ZTR. After I regained composure, found 3 other unexploded fireworks in the turf. Fire marshall had a field day with that contractor.
  3. AUturfMan

    AUturfMan LawnSite Member
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    while doing a first time now on large open field ran over a good size turtle. worst noise ive ever heard and I felt really bad
  4. ROS_Grounds

    ROS_Grounds LawnSite Member
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    Wow... Never hit fireworks... and we don't have turtles running wild outside in this climate...

    But we have hit things (most was not me)...

    not too much other than garbage, and ruts with a Zero Turn... the fun happens with smaller stuff usually!

    Walk behind mower:

    -cast iron water shut off... was the third day with a brand new Husqvarna mower (I was new to the business and it was the first piece of equipment I had ever bought new at that point... I probably could have killed my nephew at that moment... I gave him the next day and a half off!)
    -Sawed off sign post (bent the crank shaft pretty nicely)
    -toys, dog doo, bricks, rope, beverage cans including a full beer can... that's a bit of a mess!

    Power rake: Metal dog rope...(NOT COOL GETTING THAT OUT!)

    Line trimmer: dog doo, live mouse, garder snake

    Snow Blower:
    -rubber door mat (that is a hum dinger to cut out)
    -Grade 70 Chain (Bolt cutters to the rescue)... did in a bearing and a belt
    -bag of garbage... a mess, but quite humorous to see!
  5. precisioncare1

    precisioncare1 LawnSite Member
    from NY
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    While mowing 4' high grass with tractor and hog...I somehow found part of a row boat...needless to say there was not much left of the boat, but I did have to sharpen my blades after that job!
  6. Cj D

    Cj D LawnSite Member
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    Had a property a few years back had ducks and dogs the mowing wasn't to bad but the whipper snipping you needed a face shield. Didn't have it for long. they wouldn't pick up the crap so I let some other mob have them, believe they never went back after the first time.
  7. birddseedd

    birddseedd LawnSite Silver Member
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    ran over some snow. couldnt get out
  8. jakewells

    jakewells LawnSite Member
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    dog poo,dead birds,logging chain,beer cans,chicken snake.

    the poo and the dead bird did me in. the log chain cost me a blade and a blade bolt. and the beer cans got air born. :laugh:
  9. curleelawncare

    curleelawncare LawnSite Member
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    Last season I hit a horse shoe. Not a rubber back yard one , but an actual horse shoe. My weed eater guy was trimming around the house and WHAM!!! Shoe came out from under the mower and flew past his head embedding 6 inches into the side of a customers garage. We actually had to stop and sit for a bit wondering what would had happened if it turned out worse and hit him. Very close call.
  10. rarieta

    rarieta LawnSite Member
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    My very first eXmark 52" X-series mower (ON THE FIRST DAY DELIVERED) hit a piece of rebar in all places MY OWN YARD! DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WAS I EVER PISSED! I had a portable shelter setup (staked down by rebar). It blew over due to Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately I missed that one piece of rebar nestled in the grass 20' from where the shelter was erected.


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