Things you can do now for no money...

David Gretzmier

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I have talked about money items, let's post a few items to get us up to speed for the upcoming season that are free or nearly free-

look over your inventory and customer light storage and familiarize your self with what is where.

count your ladders, ropes, and spare bulbs, cords, light strands, c-9 cord, etc

make a list of what tools and inventory items you need to start the season early, and a list of what you need before things explode on November 1

write your help wanted ad for workers and or office help

get your new employee hire paperwork packets together, with all forms and covenant not to compete done.

get a quote on workmans comp and liability for x amount of payroll

check your files against last years invoices and make sure no one is missing

go through those same customer files and just spend 30 seconds or so on each remembering who is who and where they live, and what they have on thier house.

call some temp helpers from last season and see if they are going to work for you again this season.

look on ebay for box trucks near your area to get an idea of how much you need to spend to buy a good used one.

figure out what uniforms, jackets you have and need

change light bulbs in shop that are out.

If you gave employees keys to doors or combinations to locks at storage, change those now.

make posters with names for each job that needs to be hung, so you can cross off names as you hang them. even if folks cancel you this year, you still will feel good when you cross them off the list this year.

go ahead and call existing commercial clients and nail them down on early installs and sell them something new.

nail down where from and when you will mail postcards and write down your ideas for them now.

try to spend just one hour a week from now til you start hanging organizing your storage -make holes for new stuff. finally sort those junky miscellaneous boxes. if you have customer lights you have not heard from or hung in 3 seasons, open the boxes and redistribute the product and the cords.

look at yard signs on the internet and decide what size you want, what colors, what quantity, who has the cheapest price for that and how quickly can they ship them to you when you pull the trigger

find a payroll place that keeps up with taxes, state forms and stuff, and find out how much it is and so forth.

any other ideas?
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awesome list! Thanks David! Couple more to add off the top of my head:

-review website -- make any necessary updates

-start actively using your business Facebook page


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I am definately going to email my last years clients and then follow up 2 days later with a phone call to get them on the schedule asap. Then i will count my inventory and see what I bought last year for materials and make a list and budget for this year. We are attending the Christmas Light Installer University to see what other folks are doing and cranking up the AC fullblast just to make it feel like Christmas