Things you gotta see to believe

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by SCL, May 28, 2001.

  1. SCL

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    The other day I visited a customer on our to do list to find out his choice of retaining wall color and decided to drive by a house that I gave an estimate to the year before. House had about 15' to the lot line and about 10' of drop. About 60' long. Shot the guy a pretty fair price on a quality retaining wall as he also needed a lawn and two other small walls. They whined about their cost overruns etc... so I new I'd never get it. On my drive by I almost LMAO. They were stacking landscape timbers (not 6x6, the 3x3.5 jobs) and had them up almost the full 8'. No deadmen nothing that I could see. Where there's a will there's a cheap pocketbook and a dangerous wall.
  2. Shack

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    There will be dead men when the Wall Comes Tumbling Down.
  3. steveair

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    LOL shack.

    and, 'to each his own'. They probably think its the 'best dam looking wall in town'

  4. paul

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    We need to see a picture of it!
  5. greens1

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    Penny wise and dollar foolish.

    Jim L
  6. Guido

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    They'll save a penny now, and spend twice as much when that P.O.S. Needs torn down and done right!

    They'll learn, hopefully sooner than later, but they'll learn!
  7. joshua

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    that might be better than this, i drew up a design for a landscape, retaining wall evrything, i listed all the plants the size of the beds, everything, that should be on a design, i gave it to the homeowner to look over, this was about a month ago, after time and time again trying to get ahold of them i go to give a bid on a seed job in the area, geuss what it was behind the house i gave the bid for the landscape, the homeowners were doing it them selfs, and using my desidn to do it with. anyway i can get money for the design. since they did use it.
  8. paul

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    Did you copyright the design? If not you might be out of luck!
  9. kris

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    joshua... did you have a agreement much $$$ for the design??? more detail please...
  10. bkworks

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    I would suggest in the future to not give the design to them unless they pay. I have drawn up the design, but if they don't sign the contract or pay for my time...good luck (but not with my plan).

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