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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by afftandem, Jan 6, 2005.

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    why is it when someone asks about a pricier z turn rider, theyre are those who ask if they have enuff business to justify the buy.... they do... thats why they are asking... ive been at this for 2 yrs just to have a little spending cash in the summer while attending college... this is the 1st year i will be goin commercial with the z turn and a wb or perhaps a stander. This business is unlimited... market yourself.. market! market! market!! we all have the business to justify any big buys on equipment! just a matter of goin to get.. and its not that hard.... i didnt plan on making this a mainstream business.. it did it itself.. we have a growing baby boom population retiring, those with $275k++ homes dont wish to mow their own lawn... several deals with city forclosures and realestate agencies, businesses, aptmnts, etc.... the market for our business is just continuing to grow, RAPIDLY! Also everyone in the business who befriends their customers know of the business they can send you..... im in dayton ohio, im a business major in college, my goal is to have upwards of 7 lawn crews throughout the dayton area in just the next couple years... reinvest profits, great customer service, marketing stratigies.. also moving into landscaping... looking to purchasing at least 2 bobcats within the next 2 yrs.. theyre are landscaping companys making over $3 mil groose this year in the dayton area, with expectations of over $6 mil in just a few short years... do the job right, market yourself (yours and your employers appearance is a part of marketing), say "yes sir" "no sir"... and theyll call you back everytime.... and dont be afraid to take a loss if you the owner dont like the job... ive done this on some of my jobs... word of mouth is the best and will bring in the business for you. landscaping can be a multi million dollar business for you. THINK BIG
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    to build a multi-mill market it takes 20 years ask those big guys....unless you buy out your comp..I'm 22 and have been mowing for 10 years..2years legit
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    afftandem- think big is ok but wait til you have to pay taxes, GL ins. commercial vehicle ins. work comp(ouch) license contractors lic. to do big landscape jobs ins. for all that equip. do you realize a bobcat cost more than most cars on the road and you want 2 of them!. plus u need trucks and trailers big enough to pull them around and STOP them. skilled labor to drive them. ah yeah i think taxes should be mentioned again oh and diesel was at 2.20 here at the highest this year. try fillin up a 32gal tank 2-3 times a week per truck at 75.00 a pop. and then there is the upkeep of all of that plus a he!! of alot more things i didnt even mention and after all of that expense you have to put a roof over your head, and feed your wife and kids. SO yeah a company might be making GROSSING 3 mil but they may no make but 300k for the year which is still good. but at 40-125 a lawn how many a year will it take you to make that 3mil even at a high $200 per lawn it would take 15000 lawn to make ur 3mil. i know there are other things as well u can do to make money but i think ya might get the point. moral of this post think big but dont get a big head!
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    Afftandem, it's refreshing to see such a positive attitude. With an unrelenting determination and a positive attitude you will certainly reach your goal. My question to someone considering the puchase of a z rider would not be - "do you have the work" but - Do you have a positive attitude and relentless determination? As you said "this business is unlimited" . Our only limits are the ones we set for ourselves.
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    Keep the positive attitude, it's good for business. However, be careful how fast you dive into things. Sometimes the water isn't as deep as it looks.
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  7. the scaper

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    :rolleyes: To you too!
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    You are thinking along the right lines. You seem to be looking at being a LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. Big investment? Maybe, that's all relevant to your situation and abilities. If you can make a good return on your investment ( by the way your biggest investment will be in quality people, not equipment) then the bigger the better. $3,000,000 in sales is only 60 $50,000 landscape jobs in a year. I don't do it, but I know people who do!!!
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    Your enthusiasium is fantastic, especially at this time of year. You say you stumbled into this business, but have been doing it for 2 years. You may have found your true calling and I hope you have. Make sure you have a detailed plan for all this expansion and be sure you truly love it. Seven crews is a boat load of crap to deal with. First you gotta speak Spanish, then you have to have a lot of cash and credit. An S175 bobcat sells for about $27,000 new and if you buy a used one it's wore out. You will need several licenses and much insurance. All Im saying is know exactly what your getting into because all that equipment setting idle will bury you. My boss bought 17 bobcats and 11 backhoes this year and if he sees 3 of them in the yard at the same time everybody hears about it. Best of luck to you, your post kind of pumped me up a little. -Paul
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    and diesel was at 2.20 here at the highest this year. try fillin up a 32gal tank 2-3 times a week per truck at 75.00 a pop.

    2.62 per gal. was the lowest price around me at one point this last fall.
    supposedly due to the hurricanes in the golf & a refinery fire in Arizona or somewhere down there.
    starting summer at 1.47 a gal. i never expected to have to calculate fuel at 2.60, that blew a few estimates away. what can say? not much more than opp's, :dizzy:
    next year, new words in contracts, can you say fuel surcharge clause, i'm am, on all bids

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