Think I can still get this money???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by new2thebiz, Aug 18, 2004.

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    This is my first year in the business, so obviously I've made a few mistakes, but this one could be bad.

    All of my clients are very good about paying and are just overall great customers, except one. And I guess I got a little too trusting because of the rest, because even though she got 10 weeks behind on her bill, I continued to mow her lawn, and now she owes me 250.00 and appears to have no intention of paying it, despite my constantly sending letters and making phone calls.

    Heres where it gets tricky. I have no service agreement from her because she was supposed to return that with her second payment, and since she never made that payment, she never returned it. I also have no reciept for the mowings because I use a two part carbon copy that the customer is supposed to sign and return the back portion with their payment. So basically I have no contract and no solid proof other than my word against hers that I did those mowings.
    What do you guys think, could I still get the money from her if I take her to small claims, or should I just chalk it up as a learning experience and cut my losses?
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    send her a letter explaining the agreement and that u have done your part and hasnt done her. explain if she doesnt pay the balance owed within X days service will stop and u will 1) place a lein on her home 2) take her to court with her footing all of your court costs i bet u get ur money it works for me........ until then stop service...... once paid dont cut for her again unless its on a pre payment basis
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    I take that you have gone there while she is there and banged on the door. Maybe even yelled through the windows (so all neighbors can hear) that you would like to talk to her about the money she owes you.

    I have a friend who is a cop. The one time I had a problem getting some money he went with me. (nothing he could really do. But having him sit out in the driveway drawing attention to himself and their house for a half hour waiting for me to show up sure put a fire in their pants to pay me):eek:

    Placing a sign in a public right of way that she is s dead beat owner could be fun.

    Placing a lean is pretty easy if there is proof of services. Then you only have to wait for her to sell the house. (and see where you fall in line of various other mortgage companies)

    250 is a bit of money but less then most legal actions.

    I have had a bad day so maybe a few of my ideas arent what I would recomend....
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