Think you've been outbid by a lowballer, check this out.

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by ef200098, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. ef200098

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    This land is 48 acres to include 3-4 hours or so of trimming and round up some playground areas. Split up into 4-10 acre tracks right next to each other. Trees everywhere so you cannot fit a batwing or WAM into most of it.

    The whole time when i was bidding and talking with the board, they wanted to switch to a per cut basis, I wasn't interested and bid it out for 3 years, payments monthly. All the other legitimate outfits in the area bid this way as well. i was the lowest bid by 2% for bids that were submitted in this fashion. There were 3 meetings concerning this, all of which i received an email letting us know it looked good.

    Well wouldn't you know that at the 11th hour they found someone to come in and give them a per cut price of.... GET READY.............


    WHAT, Get real.

    I responded back with the typical thanks for letting us bid, i hope it works out...etc.

  2. jrs.landscaping

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    :laugh::laugh: Happens all the time. The other guy should make a killing off of this job :rolleyes:. We had one like this 80+ acres, 5 days of mowing a trimming for 3 guys and the winning bid was.... 1227.30 per cut!!!! Sometimes bidding on these properties is worth it just for the comedy of it, in this economy I'm glad we're contracted for the next 3 years.
  3. weeze

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    are you kidding me? i get $50 for 1 acre. $125 for 2 1/2 acre yards. i wouldn't fool with anything for less than $50 an acre.

    now if they want bushhogging that's different but i would still charge at least $25 an acre for that. i'm not into that part of the business though.

    with all the trees and such that would just make the price go up higher. i wouldn't even touch it for anything less than $2500 a cut.
  4. agrostis

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    That come's to $6.25 an acre. I would look for the phone to ring after one cut.
  5. ef200098

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    Ive been on the phone with them all day. The guy obviously doesn't know what he's doing. He didn't even specify a maximum height for cut. The board is going to have him come in when it gets 6" or so. So one cut and i should get a phone call. I told him to add 15% if we have to take over next season, plus the 3 year contract still, plus a hourly rate to get the grounds back into shape if he never shows to cut the first time. it might end up costing him 30% more over the year. Good ol HOA's always trying to outsmart the system. You never see this in commercial work, because property managers have been around the block and know whats up. The 500/cut bid would have been thrown out the window immediately. This is what ive been trying to tell the HOA. The per house dues are 80/ year for this particular neighborhood. What the **** are they going to do with the money anyway? I dont understand people.
  6. ef200098

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    Not sure what kind of chinese math you are using but his 500/bid comes out to 10.41/acre. If it was open acreage able to fit a 580d on i might understand, but even that costs almost 20/hr in fuel to run. This guy is going to spend 150 in fuel a cut alone.
  7. agrostis

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    Your right, i did the math for 80 acre's, i guess i was using the number's in the second post.

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