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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by djjaymo, Jun 20, 2005.

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    I lack sufficient experience and I'm thinking about taking this on-line program on gardening and landscaping through Stratford Career Institute. The program goes as follows: THE BASICS OF GARDENING, DIFFERENT TYPES OF GARDENS AND GARDENING, CARING FOR YOUR GARDEN, INTRO TO LANDSCAPING, AND TECHNIQUES OF LANDSCAPING ALL FOR THE COST OF 32.16 A MONTH FOR 18 MONTHS. Is this a good idea?

    The website for this is for those who want a little more info about the site.
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    Well it is up to you but as for myself, I prefer hands-on training with a customer. What I mean is exactly that: I tell the customer that I am interested in doing what they speak of *OR* that I would like to try something on their yard BUT that it is experimental AND am willing to do it cheaper.
    After all, education costs money and if I can do a job for the first time for a customer that isn't too picky, we both win (this works GREAT with some the low-ballers like the cool ones with the weed yards). Of course I want to do a good job, but since it is experimental there is the understanding it MAY not work out - Nobody loses, the customer is out a little money and so am I.
    If it DOES work, we both win: I gain the experience, the customer gets the benefit.

    That's how I figured out some this math on how to restore a lawn that was devoid of real grass and had nothing but a TON of moss and a few weeds. Took me 2 years to do it and I had to go slow because the lime cost money and the labor was free. Basically the customer pays me $35 to cut a 25-dollar yard, then I been dumping 240 lbs. of Lime/month (so over 1000 pounds a year for the past two) and they also order mulch at regular price once/year and a few other things at regular price... Then this fall I aerate, SEED, fertilize and lime at regular price and I can almost guarantee their lawn will look awesome by next spring.
    So yeah, I am out some money BUT:
    - I *know* how to do it now.
    - It didn't cost me OR the customer more than 1-2 hundred out of pocket, total. And we split this and we both learn something new :)
    - Once it's all said and done, I will use that as a referral (I am sure they won't mind, but yes I have to ask first).

    Just an idea, I really prefer hands-on.

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