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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by GrassMasterNC, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. GrassMasterNC

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    The truck is fine, but lately have been wanting to get a 3/4 ton or 1 ton cargo van.
    I have no desire to put fuel or any eqpt that uses fuel in the back - but rather tree climbing gear, pesticides/fertilizers, etc to keep dry and secured, shelves for literature (books, manuals, brochures, etc) and other items I'd keep close by and out of the elements.
    I have also been thinking that a van provides a much more recognizable "moving billboard" in town.
    Anybody have any good things to say about using vans to pull the trailers? Any bad things to say?
    Just been pushing the idea around and wanted different points of view on the subject - in case I haven't thought of something yet.. :waving:

    Thanks fellas.

  2. ant

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    did you get a van?

    SHOWCASE LAWNS LLC LawnSite Member
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    To Use For An Advertisement You Could Do That On Any Truck. I Used To Drive A Regular Van For A Co As A Lawn Tech...........after 2 Weeks The Chemicals Being In The Van Made Me Miserable. I Refused To Use It Ever Again And Was Issued A 900 Gal Isuzu Tanker With External Lockable Storage . What A Relief !!! And Signage Was Done Right On The Looking Signs To This Day I Have Ever Seen On A Lawn Care Truck. ( That Co Got Bought Out By Our Dear Friends At Tr*green) Vans Are A Pain In The A** To Service And Handle Poorly Under Heavy Load. What About A Box Truck With A Completely Separate Cab?
  4. arborist-28

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    I have an 88 1 ton econoline cargo van .. it has a powerful 360 engine and extra leaf springs ... it pulls very well .. is nice ...the nice part is a 12 foot bed ... I can haul alot more in it then an 8 foot bed pick up if I want to.. pallets slide right in the back nicely and are protected from the weather .. it drives well with a load as well ... c
  5. ant

    ant LawnSite Silver Member
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    how's the odor wil driving?
  6. Smalltimer1

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    You sure its not a 351??? Ford stopped making 360's in 1976.
  7. Smalltimer1

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    There is no odor in the cab of a box van, which I believe is what that guy was talking about.

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