Thinking about buying a L or LN 8000 Ford

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. Gravel Rat

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    Hi guys I have decided to stick with the F-Superduty I'am gonna shoot for more P+D work so I need a flatdeck but it will dump if I was going to haul nothing but dirt I would go for a 5 ton single axle dump. There isn't quite enough work for a single axle to keep the truck busy enough if I'am going to get into dirt hauling I will buy a tandem. With a tandem there is no limitations for the work there is always hauling jobs for a tandem dump there must be a reason why there is no single axle dump truck in this area only in the next community 40miles away.

    The thing is if there no work for the truck I buy I want tobe able to use it as my daily driver and a 450 can be used as a daily driver if I buy a single axle dump it sits and I need another vehical to use as a daily driver.
  2. Alan

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    What is so terrible about 5+2 gearing? I grew up driving stuff set up that way and never thought it was too bad to live with. Tht setup gives you both a good creeper reverse for backing in around a jobsite and still gives you a decent reverse speed for when you need to back a long distance. Particularly in plowing operations that fast reverse is handy. Only real drawback I see is that the 5 speed is only a single countershaft design and won't handle the torque loads that the currently available engines can generate. There were lots of 5-7 yard dumps with that gearing and tehy seemed to do the job pretty darn good.
  3. thelawnguy

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    "Have you looked into the Kenworth T300 some do come with a jake brake"

    You can put an exhaust brake on just about anything; its probably not needed as long as the truck is set up properly, unless you regularly drive near GVW in hilly areas.

    I occasionally drive a 87 International S2600 with the big Cummins (260hp) and 7 speed Road ranger, light weight is 25k GVW is 54k, only time I even bother flipping on the Jake is when its loaded to capacity. I'm no expert but all it seems to do is make a lot of noise and attract DMV inspectors...
  4. Gravel Rat

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    If you don't have a JAKE on a gravel truck here you will be looking at replacing rear brakes every 6 months or less we have hills here in B.C. Canada they range from 4 to 10% grades. I know the drivers and O/Ops will not run or have a JAKE less dump truck its too damn dangerous without one.

    You can have a truck without a JAKE but your working alot harder to control the truck you will be constantly downshifting and being really aware of how much brake pressure your using. You can smoke the brakes so easy and you will have a runnaway truck if you loose concentration just for a second.

    Our tandem axle dumps are usually have 350-450hp 8-13-15 or 18 spd road rangers 18,000 and 44,000lbs axles gvw 62,000lbs carrying legal load of 30,000lbs.

    A heavy single axle is 250-300hp 8-9 or 10spd 12,000 and 23,000lb axles 35,000lb gvw and carry legal load of 13,000lbs.

    The DOT will never bother a driver here about using a JAKE because its more of a safety item its on the truck for a purpose.

    Sorry for getting on my soap box but you guys that live where the land is as flat as a kitchen table have it easy driving truck but driving truck here can make your life flash in front of your eyes real quick. You make one mistake on the hills here you might aswell hope you survive the crash and wearing a good set of depends because your gonna s*** your pants.
  5. hosejockey2002

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    Most of the cities around here have ordinances prohibiting use of compression (jake) brakes withing their limits. Apparently most politicians beleive that jake brakes are nothing more than noisemakers to entertain the driver and irritate the citizens instead of critical safety devices. :dizzy:
  6. southside

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    Yes you can fit an exhaust brake to most trucks but they are not as effective as a jake brake or dynatard for that matter. Another option here which is starting to become popular is a Voith or Telma retarder. The work on the trucks driveshaft so they will slow the truck down even with the gearbox in neutral. And remember folks,you can never have too much power or too many gears. :)
  7. gslam88

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    Gravel Rat,

    Now that we are off the subject since you have decided to not go with the 8000 I disagree with you on something.

    "A heavy single axle is 250-300hp 8-9 or 10spd 12,000 and 23,000lb axles 35,000lb gvw and carry legal load of 13,000lbs"

    My International 4900 Has a GVW of 34,000, but I have a legal weight of 21,000 because my light weight is 13,000. That is the nice thing about International, their lightweight is light and they are a heavy carrier.

    What truck are you thinking of with a lightweight of 22,000?


    Found this for you on Jake brakes
    Device used to assist brakes in slowing the vehicle. The most common type of retarder on over-the-road trucks manipulates the engine's valves to create engine drag. (This type is commonly referred to as "Jake Brake" because the predominant manufacturer is Jacobs Vehicle Equipment Co.) Other types of retarders include exhaust retarders, transmission-mounted hydraulic retarders and axle-mounted electromagnetic retarders.

    There are certain items on heavy trucks you don't want to skimp on, and braking is one of them. Exhaust work, just not as good as jake or some of the new types.

    Also and original installed option is usually less expensive than a rework, but not always.

    Pete :dizzy:
  8. Alan

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    I brought this back to the top, hoping to get an answer to my question about gearing. Not trying to be argumentive but I just can't see where it's such a bad thing.

  9. Gravel Rat

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    What are you trying to get a answer from me if so I will tell you a 5+2 is no good around here in the hills when you got 35,000 lb truck and your climbing a 10% grade and gotta try shift the two speed axle well forget it. A single speed rear axle is alot stronger less hassels your constantly fighting the electric motor on those two speed rears epecially during the rainy season. The selector in the rear axles are constantly going it doesn't take much and bam you have blown the selector.

    In my mind if your stuck with buying a truck on juice brakes then you will have to buy a truck with a 5+2 but nobody in their right mind would wanna buy a 5 ton truck with juice brakes.

    With a Road ranger transmission you got better speed controll alot more durable it and reliable its pretty hard to beat a 8LL in a single axle dump.

    The highways dept here used to run old International single axle plow trucks they were on juice brakes and 5+2s the maintanance company got tired of fixing 2 speeds so they got rid of the trucks .

    They replaced all the trucks with Western Star single axles with M-11 Cummins power 35,000 gvw and 9spd Road rangers since they bought these trucks its saved them alot of money. The trucks are easier to drive the drivers like them they plow the snow faster they carry more weight. The company has never had any driveline problems they don't have to replace 2 speeds every month no more. When we were doing ditch cleaning the Gradall operator was putting close to 8 yards of ditch muck into the Stars they handled the load just fine. The drivers could pull hills with no problems the old Internationals couldn't even dream of packing that weight.

    All I have driven is trucks with road rangers and probably never drive a 2 speed axle truck why drive one when you can drive a superior transmission (Road Ranger)

    Its just my opinion I want a heavier duty truck I don't want to deal with small drive train.
  10. hosejockey2002

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    Hey Gravel Rat, I know you said you were going to stick with your f450 but if you change your mind, down the road in Bellingham there is a 1984 Ford 9000 single axle 5-6 yard dump. The ad says low mileage, 240hp Cummins, 7 speed Spicer trans, $8500 US. Looked like a decent truck for the $$. Phone # is 360-676-5948.

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