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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Simearl, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Simearl

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    This will be my first ZRT mower so any info would be helpful.
    I mower approx 5 to 6 acres with a tractor which leaves me with alot of trim work to do. So I am going to bit the bullet and get a ZRT mower. I have read most of the forums and it has left me a little confused. I am currently looking at a 23hp 55in cut Bushhog brand and a Everride Worrior 26hp 60in cut mower. The Bushhog is $6900 and the dealer is only 5min from my house. The Everride Worrior List for $7500 but the dealer said he would let me have it for $6900 the dealer is located 30mins from my house. Both dealer have good support so driving isn't and issue for me. So having said all that does anyone have any experience with these two mowers.
  2. lawns Etc

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    I had 2 Warriors great cut sold them only on the fact that I had a fallout with my dealer But they are a great mower that 26 Briggs I hear good things about I had Kawis but the $$ savings on the Briggs is worth it if you ask me
  3. captken

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    there are 341 threads about the everride warrior. Search the archives, I will not spoon feed you.

    Maybe post in home owner assistance forum? You are not in the business according to your profile.

    search is your friend.:)
  4. delphied

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    Friendly feller aint he?
  5. blackandgold

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    stay away from anything with a Briggs...
  6. WJW Lawn

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    Ummmmmm. He apologizes for wasting your time. We all do. Sheesh

    I run a Hornet...but a buddy of mine runs a 56 Warrior and loves it. Everride builds an awesome machine, and I believe they are gaining some steam in the industry. Just a little info--Honda designed it--cant go wrong there. I saw a 66 at my dealers last week...what a beast!
  7. BQLC

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    What a nice guy, he makes me proud to be a member of this site. What does his profile have to do with his question. "NADA"

    As for the poster I would go with the Everride personally, knowing that you will have god dealer support
  8. aazpeters

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    Everride without question. I have had a Snapper and an Exmark. Both riders. I now have a 60" Warrior with a 27 Kohler. It's unstoppable! You couldn't give me another mower. Like WJW was designed by Honda and you can't go wrong there.

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