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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Jas1n, May 14, 2008.

  1. Jas1n

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    I live in a neighborhood where I could just walk my mower and weed wacker to customer houses to reduce fuel expenses. I am also a licenced pest control technician. I know a guy who owns a pest control business, so it would be easy for me to refer my costumer's to him, make money from that and even do some Pest control work when I am not mowing lawns. Now The lawns where I live are small. I was thinking about getting a nice push mower with a bag, weed wacker, clippers, rake and some bags for clean up. Maybe a wagon to put my equipment in and pull to there houses. No truck yet. Pricing... 15-30 bucks a lawn would get me alot of costumer's fast. Plan would be to print out a few hundred fliers and go door to door. Any inputs on my plan?
  2. F3Nelson

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    This is fuggin hiliarous, PLEASE tell me it was a JOKE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A wagon.............ROFL
  3. Jas1n

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    A wagon rolls for free. Have fun with a truck getting 12mpg and gas hitting 4.50 a gallon this summer. No its no a joke. Hell I so a guy towing his mower with a bicycle.

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