Thinking about going from Scag Turf Tiger to... Scag Turf Tiger. How to confirm year?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by watson524, May 8, 2010.

  1. watson524

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    Hi all,

    New member here. I'm not in business but I'm a homeowner with about 5 or 6 acres total to mow. I also mow up at my parents because my dad has passed away. There's a rather steep hill up there that I mow across because going up it leaves me underpowered.

    My dad's machine (which we still use, but mostly on the flat at my house) is a Land Pride AccuZ 60" with a (I think) 23HP Kawi in it.

    Our's is a Scag Turf Tiger with the 25HP Kholer in it and the 61" Advantage deck. We bought it used and it's served us well but I'd like to upgrade to a bigger, air cooled engine.

    I got a price today on a new Turf Tiger with the 35HP Vanguard in it, 61" Velocity Deck that was $10,100 if we don't finance + 6% sales tax.

    Since the price is way better than I thought, I really am considering doing it... which brings me to my question. Before I post our current Scag, I wanted to make sure I had the right year.

    The serial number is 6711449 which I think makes it a 2001 (which is what we were told when we bought it) but can anyone confirm for me or tell me where I can go to confirm? I don't see anything on Scag's site.

    Also - for the price of $10,100... is that good? There's some things I'd like to see different on the Scag (for example, I like the cup holder set up on my dad's Land Pride - my husband laughs at this, and I like the parking brake being integrated into the steering arms) but it's all pretty minor. We tend to get a lot of thick grass because it was all farm fields at one point and my Scag hasn't disappointed.

  2. brianslawncare

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    i have a turf tiger 27 kawi 61 inch liquid cooled its a great machine. you could add a cup holder. where did you get the price at lake ariel hardware or f&s supply in dickson city? that price sounds about right but i dont like the vaunguard i use kawasaki all my mowers have them. you would be better off with a kawi or kohler. i also have two exmarks try to get a price from f&s on one of them. or look at toro from greenfield power up from the old sugermans store. we use ours for commercial work and they have held up great. what are you asking for youre old scag?
  3. theheisk

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    you are correct on the year. serial numbers starting with 6 is 2001

    7 - 2002
    8 - 2003
    9 - 2004
    A - 2005
    B - 2006 and so on.
  4. JCPM

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    My buddy just bought that same machine for $9600 here in CT
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  5. watson524

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    Thanks for confirming the year for me.

    Brian - this was from F&S. Unfortunately, Art Davis, who owned Lake Ariel Hardware passed away several months back so for all intents and purposes, they're basically closed. They were doing some stock inventory and such when I was in talking to Greg and Betty Ann but they're no longer open per say. I had heard someone might pick up their dealership but no word in the local coffee shops to date. I did get a price from F&S on the Exmark as I was looking at them too but it's more expensive (by about 1,200) for less horsepower and since I know the Scag from my current unit....

    Based on what I'm seeing them go for on some auction sites and listings here, we were thinking $3,500 on our current one. PM if my you want to talk more about it.
  6. yardmanlee

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    is that just on the turf tigers or all scags?


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