Thinking about not doing installs anymore

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bmwsmity, Oct 13, 2013.

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    ive found they usually go hand in hand. in the commercial world, install is almost always easier to keep the guys busy. we sell whole landscape installs, and have a good sales person. we usually do 2-3 installs a year (most are multiyear/phased). i have one crew that does the basic service and i coordinate the install. i will also help with the hard to troubleshoot service calls.

    Lately, it seems we are trending more to have the department manager (myself, construction, and design) function as project managers. Unless there is a lot of hardscape on a project, my crews and i will take a project from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting with minimal assistance. This makes scheduling much easier.

    Given all that, if i could keep busy with install, i would give up most of the service we currently do. almost all of it is "we will call you, dont do any work without a work order" type of accounts. Its almost always a 2 visit service call to get any work done.

    but, i am happy to not have to deal with 2500 customers anymore.
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    How does a solo handle spring startup alone? I mean , lets face it . It is time sensitive.
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    It sounds like your on the cusp of either needing to get bigger to support another manager, or downsize. I was there about two years ago. We were doing 100-150 installs and I was going NUTS with stress. Now we do 350-400 and about one large commercial install a month. I have two managers, one service guy for repairs/warranty, and 10/14 guys on installs. I sit around on Lawnsite most of the day now... Kidding... Kind of
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    How big are these installs you are doing
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    Most are 6-8 zone residential installs, one or two a week are 10-15 zones. The commercial jobs are anywhere from 15-60 zones, most average about 25.
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