Thinking about planting christmas trees, need input.

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by rusty_keg_3, Jun 28, 2009.

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    Ok, heres the deal, i am 17, and just took over me and my older brothers company. Well, kinda i will just run the business. He will do maintenecne. Anywho, we live in Northwest Ohio, and have some acerage at our moms place. We plow in the winter with two trucks, but in the 08-09 winter, we only plowed like 10 times. Which aint bad, i think we could some plant christmas trees, but need advice.

    Ok, we would plant them on a 1000ft(long) by 300ft(wide), portion of land. I figured like 10- 20 ft isles in between trees (width), and space trees out like 8ft long way. We would plant like 100-200 trees each year. I figure like 5 years for them to reach the desired size....

    So five years later, lets say you come to buy a tree. We drive you and you family out there, and you pick the tree, and we cut it right there. Haul it up front, and u pay for it. And we could deliver them too, but aint sure how much that would be.

    Cost of finished trees, i have a few ideas,
    1. Charge by the height... Like $10 per foot (height) so a 5ft tree is $50, maybe $8 per foot, but we would have five years to figure it all out.

    2. Flat Rate...... like $50 for any tree. But think that would suck.

    3. Price per pound....... Like lets say most trees weigh 30#, and we want like $60 for a tree that size, that would be $2 per lb.

    Well, input would be nice, Thanks
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    Do some research, there are plenty of books & associations that will help you. You have a VERY simplified idea of what is required.
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    ok, thanks...
  4. rusty_keg_3

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