Thinking about selling it all.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TNT Lawncare, May 6, 2008.

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    This might be a bit long. I don't know. I haven't typed it yet. Here is a little bit about my life right now and why I might sell. First of all, I am solo. I got all my accounts that I cared to have this year, to sign contracts last year for this year so I was that far ahead comming into this season. Then winter came. It seemed like it snowed just about every 3 days. I made over $30,000. Again, I am solo so this is really good for me. I get through the winter, no major problems or breakdowns, and managed to add several nice size accounts to the ones I already had. This looks to be a promising year. Along with all the mowing, landscaping jobs are comming in faster than I can do them, so I am now subing them out, still making money on them. I am probably going to do about $100,000 in business this year working solo.

    Now, here is the kicker. My wife and I are separating. Personally this situation is killing me. This is something she wants. I feel depressed and sad about it on a daily basis. Infact, tomorrow she is going to look at an apartment. We have been married for 9 years and have a 7 year old son. From a business stand point, she still wants to be very good friends and is not thinking about taking any part of my business. However, I am on her health insurance, which saves me a ton of money, so much in fact that if we were to divorce, it would put me out of business. Now some of you will say that you pay so and so for it and I could to but I am not going down that road. I live in Indiana and eventually want to move to Florida, not really for lawncare but thats where I want to live. I was thinking that the year just started here for mowing. My business is probably worth the most as there is still 6 months of mowing left. I am really thinking of selling now and getting a regular job in Florida, so I get benefits and some sort of retirement. I feel that being around my wife, who I love more than anything, will just kill me if she finds someone else. I feel like I need to get away, from everything.

    What kind of input do you guys have on all of this? BTW, don't ask what I want for my equipment. If I decide to sell, it all goes as a package, along with all the accounts.
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    Well that really sucks. sorry to hear about that! If being around her is going to be a distraction and just make you depressed maybe you should remove yourself from the situation. It would probably be better for you in the long run to keep the business but at what cost? I dont really know.... Good luck with everything!
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    i am not in ur same problem but i am torn right now too. I just got an offer that i cant look away from. guy offerd to buy my accounts bring be in as his right hand basicly in charge of everything crew what not. not have to deal with the cutomers that would be his job. Id get a nice paycheck everyweek and i wouldnt be shelling out all my cash in gas and insurance. id also get to bring in my 20 or 25k plowing company with me and join it to his and make a nice chunk more. It all seems so well but for the last few years i have workd so hard to make what little i have. i dno i am torn to say the least
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    hey man im only a kid but i will give you my two cents. you have everything figured out!!!! do just what you wrote!!! dont let the stuff with your wife eat you up, your happy but shes not and thats just part of life yeah it sucks. dont get all work up and sad go hang out with your buddies go out to a ball game with your kid. its hard now and will be for awhile but one day you will understand that it happened for a reason. trust me things happen for a reasons!!!!you will run across some hottie and feel like your a 18 year old again when she takes your breath away. the first few months will be ruff, that can be expected but you will get through and be happy!!!! think about it, do you want to be with some one who doesn't really want you? keep your head up!! :waving:
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    sorry bro....
    it's a shi##y feeling I'm sure. Head is probably spinning all over the place. I can't offer any advice other then don't jump the gun or "RUN" away from the problem. Ultimately it won't fix that much. But the again, I ended a horrible relationship and headed down this way.... with no regrets. Best move I ever made. Of course, I wasn't married w/a kid. You'd have to think about the boy as well... being so far away from him might take a toll on him AND you. Unless of course, he goes with ya.

    Just make sure your head is clear before selling all, packing up and moving...
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    I would not make this kind of decision while you arent thinking straight. If your in FL youwill be a long way from your son, and you are thinking of selling because of health insurance that only costs a few hundred a month.
  7. LedgedaleLawn

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    That sucks, always hurts the kids the most.
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    I wouldn't do anything just yet. Reason is, the wife heads off to an apartment. Shes there a month or two maybe longer and decides that being seperated isn't so much fun after all. Starting all over from scratch is a tough row to hoe. Been there done that. I divorced my wife of 20 years 2 years ago. Should have done it sooner, but kept holding out hope that everything would work itself out. Your situation is different, you have a child. Me, I had dogs. Big difference. I'd go through the season and wait until next year to sell out if it were me. If no other reason than to be close to your son.
  9. Paulup

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    Does your business have anything to do with the divorce? If not, I'd weather the storm until at least next year.

    You've got a kid, a son, and he is about to hit that time in his life where his father is the most important influence on his life. Think about that long and hard before you move 18 hours away and basically hand him over to whomever the new boyfriend/husband might be. That kid is your son, your responsibility, and if he doesn't understand it all now, he sure as hell will understand it when he is a teenager.

    Keep your business, try to work things out with your wife even if its only for your son's sake, and if she starts a new life and still feels the same way at the end of the year, look at selling your business and moving to Florida. Besides, even though she said she won't touch your business, doesn't mean she won't take half of whatever you sell it for if you decide to pack your bags and head out of state.

    Good luck with it all man. Having a child certainly makes the situation more difficult, but I'm sure you can handle it. Don't make any rash decisions, think long and hard about it before you do anything major.
  10. DennisF

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    I'm sorry to hear about your marital problems. Sometimes life forces us to make decisions on issues that we don't want to address, but if you stop and take your time and think things through before acting, you will usually make the right decision.

    I live in Florida and I can tell you that unless you are a professional (Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher....) you can expect to earn less than $12 per hour in most jobs. Even in the health care field wages are very low. Most RN and LPN nursing jobs are in the $15-$20 per hour range depending on location. The wages down here just plain suck! You would be much better off starting your own landscaping business or any service based business that is directed at retired people.

    I moved here in 2003 after retiring from GM and I started a lawn and landscaping business. In five years it has grown to 140 accounts of both residential and commercial varieties. I have 2 employees working 40-45 hours per week and pay them $10.00 per hour. Both of them are glad to get that much. Most of my competitors pay $8.50-$9.00 for the same work.

    If you decide to come to Florida make sure you do your homework. Lots of research on the area that you want to move to. Look for retirement communities where the homeowner is responsible for their lawn and landscape maintenance. Many retirement communities are self contained and the homeowners association hires very large lawn service companies to take care of the lawn and landscape. Most of those types of accounts are untouchable for small operators. Also look at commercial accounts (car dealers, apartment complexes, strip malls, professional offices...) as a source of new business. Stay away from mobile home parks. Trying to collect from some of the owners is nearly impossible and not worth the time. Most of them want the cheapest price they can find and will still complain about the price.

    There is a lot of money to be made here in Florida in the service sector. You just have to pick the right service and the right location to be successful.

    Good luck

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