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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DSLND, Feb 27, 2007.

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    Well i have been running around like crazy lately, getting doorhangers printed, taking estimates, trying to get all of the equipment lined up and have got to thinking. I realized that i could use my Toro Z150 w/52" for all of my properties besides two where a 21" mower will only fit. I just bought a 52" Toro t-bar WB because i thought i would use it for my smaller yards but i realized that if i bought the bagger for my Z then i could use it on all of my yards, and the WB would not really be needed for jobs unless my 3+ acre accounts. Now i have my old WB (John Deere) for sale and i was thinking about just buying the bagger for the Z and using the WB for an additional mower at large accounts and as a back up, i would sell it but i got a great deal on it and love the machine and it was so low priced, it wouldn't be worth selling. But i was looking in the future of getting a 18' enclosed trailer, and using two riding mowers but i realized that i could cut some costs down and make more mowing if i just kept it simple. Heres what i think i want my mowing rig to be for the next couple years. With this rig i wouldnt need to spend the large chunk of money on an enclosed trailer, its less equip. to maintenance, and more cash in pocket from mowing.

    Here's what i want to have as my mowing rig:

    -7x12 open trailer w/4ft sides in front for debris and trimmertrap racks
    -Toro Z150 w/52" deck, and 20hp Kohler, either DFS or Soft Bagger
    -Toro 20055 Super Recycler
    -STIHL FS 110 Trimmer
    -STIHL KM 110 Multi Tasker w/attachments (second trimmer, or edger and also brush cutter, etc.)
    -STIHL FC 110 Edger
    -STIHL BR 550 BP Blower x2
    -STIHL BG 85 Hand blower
    -STIHL HS 45 Hedge Trimmer
    -STIHL MS 250 Chain Saw
    -Toro 52" WB (Back up/addition for larger yards)

    That basically completes the mowing rig, i will be adding a truck either next season (08) or 09 when i get my license, and then hopefully landscaping will take off this year and then i will get a dump trailer later on after the truck and then dump truck later and skid steer. But i think running this rig will help with maintenance (saves $500 a year in monthly maintenance, i will maintenance the WB every other month). This season i am hoping to expand and end up with about 20-25 yards and keep it that way until i have a crew running it. What do you think? -Mitch-
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  3. DSLND

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    Bump to the top.... -Mitch-
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    Let me help you here..........BUMP
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    What do you think? -Mitch-[/QUOTE]

    Mitch, where do you want to be in 5 years? 10? Think down the road and decide how big you eventually want to be and remember that the bigger you are the more headaches and responsibility you're going to have. Another thing to keep in mind is that if your landscaping does take off, how will you keep up with your mowing unless you have guys working for you? (or do you already have that?) That brings in the issues of workers comp. insurance, added liability insurance, and a lot of Dept. of Labor and OSHA regulations, not to mention tax issues.

    I don't mean to throw damper on things, but these are things to think about (which you may have already done in which case ignore all I just said :) ) I Last year I hired through a temp agency which took care of all the paperwork, but they tacked on their own fees. I'm looking at having actual employees this year.

    Ok for equipment, personally I'd spend the money on the enclosed trailer. I'm getting a 24' this year to haul around our equipment and have an open trailer for a possible second crew depending on how many commercial bids we get. With the enclosed trailer, you get added security, a moving billboard (if you get it lettered), protection from the elements, plus a portable garage. If you're going to get big, don't sell off any equipment until you're positive you'll never need it again. You always want options to choose from.

    BTW, TORO is awesome! Hope you have a great year!
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    I slow down. I want to offer me money and no hassles
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    Wow! Sorry guys! I totally thought nobody would respond. But i have made the decision to keep all the equipment and mayb sell of some of the unused stuff if i end up not needing it. As far as future plans, i want to have three crews running full time by the time i am a senior in High School (Only 8th grader right now). The crews would be: one lawn maintenance, and two landscaping. I would work with the main landscaping crew after school or have the choice to be a "supervisor" and be able to just go straight from school to taking estimates, running to the bank, and other necesseties. I hope to just have two guys running the maintenance crew six days a week. Also for the enclosed trailer, i would love to get one now but my equipment is getting towed behind my brother's S-10 V6, and it could not handle a 16' enclosed trailer:hammerhead: But once i get my license and a truck (Chevy or GMC 2500HD) then i will definetly get an enclosed trailer and letter it up but this year i'm gonna get a 7x12 open trailer to fit both mowers for a couple years. But i'm set equipment wise and have realized that i need both riders, especially on my acreage accounts! Thanks! -Mitch-
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    "i want to have three crews running full time by the time i am a senior in High School "

    Ok, unless you have a trust fund and can hire a full time accountant, foreman, and mechanic your NUTS. Am I missing something or do you not have a clue. I'm not trying to be mean but if your in high school you should just have a few accounts for you do do on weekends yourself.
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    Wow dude. 8th grade and you're running a successful. Awesome dude. The guys are right though you can't be thinkin about having 3 crews in high school. Be patient and you'll be rockin and rollin after graduation. That's nuts dude - 8th grade and already kickin but. Mad props man you are one motivated young man.
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    Mitch don't get in over your head to soon especially with the " 3 crews when i'm a senior in HS" I can't fathom being the boss of 3 crews now and i'm a senior. If I were you i'd concentrate on being efficiant and profitable by just running one crew, yourself and maybe 1 or 2 other helpers doing maintenance / landscape in one crew. You'd be way stressed out with 3. when your done HS then think about adding on crew and expanding more.

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