Thinking ahead to leaf removals.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FrankenScagMachines, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. FrankenScagMachines

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    I am already thinking ahead to this fall…..

    For leaf cleanups (we do quite a bit), I have the backpack blowers and the mowers with baggers. I’m happy with that setup as it is much improved over last fall’s setup. For the truck, the 8x12 flatbed will be awesome with some tall sides and tarp on the top. When using the mower bagger, we will probably dump straight into the truck, but when using the blowers, or when the truck gets close to full, I will have a leaf loader of some sort. I have a 5hp loader (actually from a mower vac system) it is slow but will work. I don’t know if I will get something bigger or not. Need to watch the spending right now.

    Now the question- The truck does not have a dump on it and I’m not sure if I can swing the $1200 for the kit from Northern (anyone know of a place much cheaper?). Our place to dump does not have anything to anchor a chain or strap to, so a drag system isn’t really an option. Does anyone have any ideas to unload leaves without resorting to a pitchfork and an hour and a half of labor? I figure we could go about two days before the truck is full (not working full days- still in school). So it’s not like we would be doing it everyday or twice a day, but still need an efficient way to empty. I don’t want to do the “layer tarps” thing really. I couldn’t get that to work for me last fall with a pickup and box, now with a truck with a bed twice that size I’m not even gonna try.

    Any ideas? I’m not sure that a giant “Load Handler” idea would work either really…. I could build one but I would think there is too much friction on the floor being old wood and considering all the surface area that it would drag on……

  2. dishboy

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    A electric winch, I saw one at Walmart that might work real cheap and a moving board that is pulled by a cable and pulley's.
  3. txlawnking

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    Or just hop in with a blower and start blowing them out? I don't know, but Dish's Idea sounds cool as well.
  4. MOW ED

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    Eric, as handy as you are I can't believe that you don't have an idea.
    I don't want to think leaves yet but personally I quit haulin them. I was doing the same as you but I guess I didn't find unloading manually that hard. It is not convenient for me to haul because of bad hours at the dump.
    Find the cheapest dump insert, I saw a plastic one somewhere or even consider making your own.
    I'm a mulchin my leaves and what little I end up collecting goes to the curb for the big leaf bailer. Good Luck. Think Summer.

    leafbailer02 011.jpg
  5. Cutting_Edge_Lawns

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    We use the pull off method, we have something to ancor to, but I saw a neat set-up at the landfil the other day, it was using a electric winch from a car hauler, mounted to the underside of the back of the trailer. It was fastened to chain link fencing (for leaves you might need something with smaller holes over this) and the driver inched forward after starting the winch. He unloaded a huge load of shingles.

    We utilize a free green waste area, they compost the leaves and mix it with their top soil, and they have several areas to anchor to. At the landfill, we usually tip the bulldozer operator, and he will pull our load out, we use heavy duty pallets and chain.

    Now you've got me thinking about leaf season already....
  6. walker-talker

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    Home Depot sells rolls of sheet metal. Line the bottom with that. I have a dump bed with floor and that helps dumping. Before leaf arrives, I am also going to spray that and the sides with a graphite based paint.
  7. sbvfd592

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    OOO BOY dudes we are almost 1/2 way into mowing season AHHHHHH
  8. mtdman

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    I just turn my leaf loader around and blow them out. Fast and easy, no manual digging.

  9. joes

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    Hi everyone I am a new member. Wow Great site. Anyways about the leaves I have used loadhandler and it worked ok. The problem is the leaves get stuck infront of the wheel wells. I used it on my F150. I ended up attaching a board to the front of the mat so it wouldn't pull out from under the leaves. The most I had on it was 1200 lbs of leaves. I ended up twisting the handle(I had the one rated to 3000lbs too). I thought about filling in the areas in front of the wheel wells and building a slight ramp in the back of my truck to assist. Maybe cover the ramp will light gauge sheet metal to make it smoth. But I ended up saying the hell with all that and bought an EZ-dump instead.
  10. PaulJ

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    If your building sides make them so that you can take them off easily. drop the gate take off both sides and start scooping and kicking them off. With three open sides instead of one it goes much faster. We used to do this at the place I used to work at. If you do this and Layer tarps then It goes really fast.

    I just layer tarps in my pickup and it works for me. but I don't have a leaf loader that packs them in and I try ot stay away from wet leaves.
    When pulling tarps out don't try to pull the whole thing out from the back. grab the front of the tarp and pull it over the top. This rolls the load out instead of trying to drag it. I've been doing it this way for quite a few years now with leaves and grass.

    If the pic you can just see the corners of a couple of tarps sticking out of the tail gate. This was a pretty full load of grass.


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