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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Flyoverlawns, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Flyoverlawns

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    Not a point where I can afford a ride-on yet, so putting together a backpack sprayer rig for blanket weed apps. I need some feedback...

    I have this Chapin 4 gallon electric sprayer. Specs say 35-40 PSI.

    Thinking of putting this 3 nozzle boom on it:

    But I am concerned about the PSI being great enough to adequately use some TeeJet AI tips.

    If I go with the green AI flat spray AI80015, 30 PSI at 3MPH will give about .29 gallons per 1000K, which is where I would like to be.

    I just wonder if the pump can keep up with 3 nozzles, there is also a 4 nozzle boom, but again same issue. Also I was thinking of putting the 29 PSI regulator that Chapin makes, just to be sure my pressure is consistent.

    Any thoughts?
  2. BigJlittleC

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    I have used that same set up. Pump is not strong enough for the 3 nozzle boom. It will take you longer with the boom then doing a back and forth swath with the single tip.
  3. Flyoverlawns

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    So do you move the wand back and forth as you walk?
  4. Chicagolawnguy

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    Definitely want tips on this!! I'm in the same situation, starting lawn care this season and will be doing my blanket apps with backpack sprayer, until I have the means to buy a permagreen. I've read good things about the chapin 4gal battery sprayer, Ill probably start with that.
  5. RigglePLC

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    Sometimes the what the specs say is optimistic. Probably this is only with a fully charged battery at 13.2 volts. I think Big C is right. Practice on concrete. Move the wand 3 feet left and 3 feet to the right. Walk about 2.5 mph (that is 73 feet in 20 seconds.) You will apply a 6 foot swath. Aim for about .25 gallons per thousand sqft. (32 ounces.)

    I am thinking the regulator is not necessary. The pressure is probably regulated by the electric components.
  6. BigJlittleC

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    When working with the boom I didn't. Just the single tip wand. The Chapin sprayer just didn't put enough pressure out to make it work well. The boom leaks and I was slower compared to doing like riggle said and swathing the single tip wand. The hole reason I bought it was because I wanted a faster way to complete my properties this didn't work. Now I did test it on my pump sprayer and did like it. But I don't want to waste all the extra energy to pump when I get good results with the single wand.
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  7. BigJlittleC

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    Also if you do plan on buying the boom you can find it cheaper if you look around online. I got mine for less then $30.
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  8. ArTurf

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  9. rbljack

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    I have the Hudson electric backpack sprayer and it couldn't run a boom with three nozzles. I did use it to do Pre-em on my lawn though....just used the back and forth motion with the wand and got it done, but its pretty slow going. My lawn is only 4k..and it took a while!

    I was in the same boat as you, and I built the "walking boom" that greendoctor recommends. ARturf is providing the link that I used to build mine.

    Now that said, you will need to buy the gas powered backpack sprayer. I just recently finished my walking boom, so I have very little experience with it. But it will run the three nozzle set up with the AI 04 tips at 1 gallon per 1k sq feet once you get your pace right. I can complete 1k sq feet very quickly. The width of the pattern is 5 feet, so you will cover ground quickly. With the backpack you can cover 5k on a tank running 1 gal per 1k no problem. I practiced with mine last weekend, and am trying to dial in my pace to maintain the 1 gall per 1k rate. I sprayed my 4k lawn as well. Next step will be to try it on a few of my properties that I maintain.

    Still new to it, but it seems to be a viable option.
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  10. kinneberg lawn service

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    I have use a backback before to do some lawn 4k or so took forever to get it done. Have you considered using a push model pro lawn. I use one mounted on a mower but have heard good things from them. 53in path, covered, small droplets to you can cover more with less. Just a thought. I honestly would not make a boom for a backpack, sounds messy, and possible increased exposure, but i can't say much never tired it. best of luck.

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