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So this little lawn idea turned into some kind of monster. i live on a island so naturally when i started i came up with beach town lawn service. well we are growing into more than just a lawn service, we are starting to land more and more commercial accounts.,we provide landscape renovations and installs, integrated pest and turf management ( yes i am a commercial applicator), In 2012 we will start sprinkler installation and repairs ( i just passed the course, still have to take the state test) in 2012 we should (hope) to be running 2 full time crews. and the whole LAWN SERVICE title is kinda bugging me. to me it doesn't sound like a full maintenance commercial company ( no offense guys i am strictly speaking about my current business name) I'm started to notice the company's I'm bidding against on the larger accounts don't have the XYZ LAWN SERVICE type of name. I'm kinda leaning towards COASTAL TURF MANAGEMENT or COASTAL INTERGRATED TURF MANAGEMENT? to me it sounds more professional than BEACH TOWN LAWN SERVICE. what do you guys think? if we do decide on a name change i don't think transitioning the name with my current accounts wont be that big of an issue. what i am worried about is how hard will it be to change the name with my general liability,commercial auto,workmans comp,insurances. and my CCR# for all the city accounts?


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I'm having the same problem- Lawncare is what I'm named and Lawn Maintenance is what I want to go by.
New shirts. bus. cards yellow page ad and much more to change.


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I would keep beach town, because you have a reputation with that name, but change the lawn service part.

Maybe, Beach town landscaping or Beach town outdoor services. The Coastal names are good if that is what you like, but I would not use the Turf Management in the name, but include it in the listings of services.
Using part of you existing name but could help with name recognition. But you also want a name and not a sentence.

BT Landscapes
BT Landscape Services
B-Town Landscape Services
B-Town Landscapes
BT Landcraft
B-Town Landcare
BTL Services (L for landscape)
BT Horticultural Services
Just a Beech (maybe not)

I give up.


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With all your services, I think you need a name more comprehensive than COASTAL TURF MANAGEMENT. And you're right - BEACH TOWN LAWN SERVICE doesn't make it.
You might consider something like Landscape Install and Restoration.

Good Luck



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What if you went with Beachtown Landscapes but adde a tagline like "Complete Landscape Services" or "The Total Landcare Company". Something that tells customers you offer a wide variety of services.
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This thread is still kicking. I would just drop the "lawn service" and add Landscape. It's a simple change that will reflect your more than just some lawn jockey.