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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by UTM-PIKE, Feb 27, 2003.


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    Hey guys,
    Ive been talking to several people about my new equipment purchase. Ive called 65 Hoss several times to get his advise and think I am finally going to get one (or two) Saturday. Its tough making equipment purchases, Im a turfgrass mgmt major at UTM and when I do make a big purchase, it needs to be the best one possible since alot of my money goes towards college.

    Anyways, I know some of the dealers are offering a huge discount on the 23 horse, 60". My dealer is not however. He said he will not stock anything less than a 27 horse in a 60". He said there is not enough power in the 23 and not many people want them in our area for commercial lawncare. There is a bout a $1000 difference in the two machines (23 vs 27) and Im sure if its worth the price to go with him. Hes the only dealer around though. I definately want an Exmark, but am torn between the two models. I plan on running the collection system for my cleanups. I know Exmark isnt shaft driven, is there a reason? Pros and Cons of shaft vs belt.

    I am also thinking about buying a 36" metro w/b for backyards, etc. But several of the people I have talked to said that they have hardly ever used them and have usually traded them in after a few years. What is the largest sized mower that will fit between most of the backyard gates? Do many of you guys use a 36" in combination with your big dawgs??? Also why dont the metro's have hour meters?

    I appreciate any advise any of you can give me, I pretty much need someone to tell me to go out and buy one, but want to be sure that my purchase is the "best deal" going.
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    I found that with a 52" HP Lazer it will fit through most gates. I traded my 60" in on the 52 HP and found that for every 7 passes I make the 8th pass and I'm caught up to the 60. I also found that the smaller size of the HP, it manuver's better than the 60 because of size and weight. I have a 27hp LQ 72" and my 52" HP and I feel that is the " Perfect " combination ( for Me ).

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    Glad to see your finally in the right direction.;)
    As far as the gate situation only you can really tell that from your area. I have had only 2 gates ever that my 36" would not fit. Thankfully I was able to use that as the excuse to say NO. If you do a good bit of residentials you will need a 32" or 36" mower. No doubt about it. I keep a 36" metro on the trailer at all times. You never know. Plus its a good backup mower on smaller properties.

    Hour meters would be a good idea for eXmark.(hint) But I buy Tiny Tachs for all my machines. It is a tach when the motor is running and a hour meter when its shut off. Knowing your rpm's is very important. Throttle cables stretch and cause the rpm's to lower over time. Not as much time as you think either. So you know when its time to adjust the cable. I guess part of the reason they don't have hour meters is cost. The metros are considered entry level mowers and people usually need the price as low as possible.

    I'll leave the other stuff to the pro's at eXmark.

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    Thanks guys, just purchased a 27hp 60" laser as well as other Stihl equipment. I am still debating on the w/b. I just had a few calls for cleanups this spring. I do more fall cleanups than spring cleanups and was wanting to get the collection system in the fall rather than spring. The w/b and leaf collection system is about the same price, I just need to think about what I need now. After a month from now, I probably wont need a collection system till the fall (leaving the clippings reintroduces nutrients to the soil, requires less fert). I was thinking of just putting a grass gobbler on the laser, I will have to dump it quite a bit more, but money is the biggest concern. I think I will probably get more use out of the w/b, what do you guys think.

    65Hoss, next time you stop by Middle Tenn. is there any way you could autograph my new laser??? Youve been telling me for years to purchase one, and I finally did.

    Exmark, is there anyway I could get some promo items for my new purchase??? Stickers for my truck, beer holders, keychains, etc.? I would like to promote as best as I can.

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hope you like your new Lazer. We've been getting great comments from the field about the 27!

    You may want to take a good look at how the mulch kit handles leaves before making a decision.

    I like the way your thinking though. Your right your probably going to use the w/b more than the vac. Putting the grass gobbler or equivilant on a Lazer Z is going to be very frustrating however. It simply fills far too quickly.

    My recommendation would be to go with the MicroMulch system, get the w/b for trimming, back yards, hills, islands etc. If required you can always bag the leaves with it if so desired.

    Some commercial cutters will also cut the leaves blowing them to the center of the lawn before bagging them as well.

    I'm sure there are several Lawnsite members that can add a little insight.


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    I have a 48" lazer Z hp but just bought a 32" toro with the exmark style fixed deck to handle some gated areas and fine turf the big mower can't do smooth enough. The way I see it, anything too big for the 32", the lazer handles, and anything too small for the lazer, the 32" gets. With the 32", I don't have to worry about gate size at all. My 36" wouldn't fit in several gates, so I sold it and bought the 32". I'm eager to test the 32" on some demanding bermuda lawns I've previously had to use a 21" on. It also has enough power to mulch well, so I can quit having to bag those same lawns.
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    I'm doing the reverse of you.

    I started small, went with a 32" mower. (also have a 21")

    I bought a tape measure that goes on a keychain at Home Depot for $1.99. This way I know my gate size right off the bat at the time of estimate.

    The small properties that the guys with big 52" machines can't touch, I will do. I didn't get a 36 because depending on your area, a 36 is really like 37" wide, and then you may not get thru a 36" gate which may be like 35.5 inches wide.

    Guys say they can turn their 36" Metro sideways to get it into a 34" gate, etc.. I figure that's the last thing I wanna be doing when it's 98 degrees out and then drop the thing and break off someones wooden fence post at ground level.. Not good.

    Besides, what's 4 inches anyway in overall speed of a backyard? Minimal.

    Now, I'm looking to go to a 44, then thinking of a 48 and then thinking I want the trim-edge on the deck, so maybe a 52". :)

    Best of luck.
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    I should also add that the 32" belt drive is cheap ($2500...Exmark models start at only $1999 on sale I believe) and depreciation over the long haul should be modest if you don't use it much and the cost of the money now is so low (I used a HELOC and my effective cost is about 3%) so it costs me only $75 in interest each year to have it around for when I need it. Jumping up to a floating deck, more power, and bigger deck sizes might mean you really can't justify having a mower you rarely use sitting around.

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